Let's Get Ready to DITTO!

We’ve just released the latest update to HER with 2 big changes:
1. We’ve made some big fixes to the Meet section.
You should no longer be seeing the same profiles again and again. We had a small bug that kept showing you the girls that Liked you (even if you didn’t like them) but that should be fixed now so we hope you’re having a better time.
There’s a new action in the app and it’s called Ditto. You’ll see it after someone has made a Comment on a blog post or in an Event. So what’s this all about? It’s a little, simple way of giving a nod to someone that you think has said something great, funny, profound… Maybe it’s something you agree with. Maybe you just really like what they’ve written.

You’re gay? Ditto!
Into cats? Ditto!
Crushin’ on KStew? Ditto!
Comment that just nailed it? DITTO

When you hit the Ditto icon, the person will get a notification saying that you Dittoed their comment. That little notification means it’s going to be much much easier to like each other. If you like her Profile and then Ditto her comment, she’s going to be checking you out (at the very least). Which can’t be a bad start.
So what are you waiting for? Start commenting on those posts. If girls see your comment, they’re more likely to Like you, and more likely to give you a Ditto. And a little bit of attention never hurt anyone. Of course, if you’re into what she’s written, give her a Ditto, she’d love to know.
Enjoy, HER gang. We can’t wait to see who you’ll meet next!