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Monday Dattch Chat: Marriage Licenses And Body Positivity

May 12, 2014

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  • This week, Team Dattch have mostly been surviving on Red Bull, pizza and cake to help us launch the app in Los Angeles.  We’re tired, we’re wired and we’re loving all of our new users.  Also, as Robyn is in LA right now, Emily and Vesna have control of the office radio again; Disney tunes interspersed with Nordic metal makes for an interesting daily soundtrack.
    Anywho, let’s get you caught up on some Internet bits and pieces you might have missed:

    • If you loved Beyoncé’s Flawless video, check out this body positive lip sync version. Bow down, bitches.
    • Why it’s OK to be a bad feminist.
    • Arkansas has issued it’s first marriage licenses to same-sex couples!  Congrats to Kristen Seaton and Jennifer Rambo, who were the first couple to tie the knot.
    • Emily Letts made the incredibly brave and pretty controversial decision to film her experience of an abortion.  In doing so, she gave a really honest account of what it’s actually like to go through, showing that the experience was not the horror show many still think it is and that, for her, she made the right decision.  She was able to make the decision because she has the choice.  Her video is a great reminder of how important having that choice is and that being informed about the truth of abortions is vital to making that choice.


    • Still in love with Disney’s Frozen? We are more than ever after some clever cloggs recut the movie into a trailer for a horror movie.
    • America celebrated their mother’s this week, with one writer for LA Times sharing her motherly wisdom in the form of Star Wars quotes.  We volunteer to be adopted by this woman.
    • You loved the Eurovision song contest, didn’t you?  Check out what Autostraddle had to say about this year’s winner, Conchita Wurst.
    • Much has been written lately about rape culture in American universities and now some light is being shed on the UK side too.  Over at the Telegraph, Radhika Sanghani reports on the culture of drinking and rape at British universities.
    • One last thing we wanted to share with you; one of our favourite people, Rose Ellen Dix, recently shared her coming out story on her youtube channel.  Coming out can be amazing, scary, emotionally charged or just a blip in your life story, but it can also take courage to share your story with the world.  Have a listen to Rose’s experience.


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    • Table of Contents