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Our latest update is all about Gender. Are you ready to express yours?

May 24, 2016

When we first started Her we were creating an app with a very specific set of users and a very specific problem in mind – helping lesbian and bisexual women find a date. It came from a personal problem: we’d been using products out there that just didn’t cut it, so we set about making something to improve the dating world for women.
But pretty quickly we realized how much bigger, broader and more diverse the community that Her should be for, was. Not just the people that were using it but how they were using. We added the social features and we opened up who the app was for. We updated our description to make it clear that we were now here for all the female and non-binary people out there, no matter what their sexuality was.
We’ve danced all under the rainbow with different terms you want to use to define your sexuality, the list keeps growing and we’ll keep accommodating the vocabulary you use to express who you are.
But we never actually established a space on profiles for people to define and share their gender identity, should they choose to. And we’ve been hearing more and more from our community how important this can be to you. So we finally got ourselves together and added gender identity as an option to add to your profile.
This is not a mandatory field, it’s optional and it’s there should you decide this is something you want to express about yourself.
We have also started with a list of identities that have been requested to date. We’re happy to keep adding to this list so please send any further options you would like to see in there to

Hope you enjoy and please do send any feedback to us on the team. But drop your gender identity below and express yo self.


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