Our latest update is here! Download it right now. We can’t wait to share it with you and see what you think. Here are the big things you can expect to find:

1. TABS!

We had a lot of feedback from users wanting to see the links shared, separately to the discuss posts. And a lot of people that just wanted to see the discussions. So here you go – tabs to filter content by.

2. Relationship Mode

A huge part of our community is babes in relationships, looking to make friends – which is exactly what we are here for. We know it’s been a much requested feature but we have finally put in Relationship Mode so you can show on your profile you’re off the market but just looking for some new friends. Add this by going to your Settings in My Profile & update from there.

3. Slidey swipey pictures

You can now swipe between pictures when you’re looking at them in large view mode. YAY. Swipe, zoom, zoom, swipe, swipe, zoom, zoom, ZOOM, swipe.

4. No more babes. A lot more gal pals

Her is a space for women to meet each other – we don’t want any woman to feel out of place here so although we have A LOT of queer babes using Her to meet other queer babes they find attractive, there’s also a lot of other women using it for other reasons – like friendship, advice and general chats. So we took away the word babes in the Meet section and replaced it with Gal Pals. That broad and undefined, yet vaguely defined term, for whatever you want it to mean.
Those are the big things. As always there may be some bugs we’ll need to iron out in the first couple of days with the release so please bear with us if you see an error – we’ll be handling it. We’re so grateful for this killer community, you gals are really patient with us and we love building these new updates for you.
We’re thinking of adding some more groups to the next update – more than News, Discuss & Events. What do you think? What groups would you like to see?
Robyn & the Her team ✌️