Q: So, like, what's your type?

Q: What’s your type?
A: This has got to be my ALL TIME FAVORITE lesbian pick up line. She’s not really interested in your type. She wants to know if she meets any of the criteria so as to set herself up for a better chance of success.
Furthermore, think before you say “I don’t really have a type”. Really think. Think about your past relationships, the girls that hold your attention at a bar, the celebrity crushes you’ve had for years. And then draw some conclusions. Everyone has a physical “type,” but we don’t always date them. 
AND, since you asked. My type is Brunette. A little curvy. Big, beautiful eyes. First and foremost, funny. Intelligent (even if she’s not booksmart). Ambitious. Driven. And family-focused (*ability to deal with Jewish mom, a must).
So what’s your type? Don’t be shy. Tell us in the comments.