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Q: What is the most romantic gesture you’ve ever made?

By Kacie |
Kacie Finance is the former Editor-in-Chief of HER Blog. These days she is a part-time contributing author and a full-time lesbian.

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Heather | 4 years ago

I wrote letters put them in envelopes with titles like 'open me when you want to laugh'
'open me when you miss me' etc...
She opened the one 'open when I'm next to you' and she opened it and I told her I loved her.
It was a beautiful moment 😊
Hopeless romantic right here 😂

Joanna | 4 years ago

Valentine's Day, I was in a long distance relationship and she was going through a really rough time feeling very lost so I sent her a 12 pound package of homemade everything including a portrait, several punny crafts, food, poems and more

Steph | 4 years ago

Flying to visit from MA to AL, for her birthday and giving her a 1 yr diamond ring, lastly investing in massage oils