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Q: What was your first kiss like with a girl?

By Kacie |


Kacie Finance is the former Editor-in-Chief of HER Blog. These days she is a part-time contributing author and a full-time lesbian.

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Aspen | 4 years ago

I blacked out.. I mean the I got up too fast can't see shit for a good 15 seconds kind of black out lol she leaned in and kissed me and I don't remember what happened the first 15 seconds. All I remember is gaining sight back and parting from her only to see an old woman gawking at us across the shelves of books 😂

Poonam | 4 years ago

Iv never had a first
Kiss with a girl but so curious to know what it's like! 😙

Zena | 4 years ago

She was rough and forward.. But the I took over ..I guess she was nervous I wasn't it was also my first kiss but I was old enough to know how to do it right and I was beautiful going forward