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Q: What’s the worst pick up line you’ve ever heard?

By Kacie |

Q: What’s the WORST pick up line you’ve ever heard?

A: I opened last week’s Question with my ‘favorite’ pick up line – What’s your type – it’s simple, to-the-point. But that got me thinking about all the UHmazing pick up lines out there, and some of the winners that have been used on me.

I’m talking about the gems that make you wonder if Ashton Kutcher’s about to call Punk’d. The lines that are SO GOOD they’re bad; but I mean, actually terrible. And then there are the ones that just straight up make you cringe.

I’ll spare you the graphic examples, and leave you with this laughable “I can’t wait to test out your mattress,” and “Your clothes are gonna look so good on me tomorrow.” (If I were gonna let you in my house to ‘test out my mattress’, what makes you think I’d also let you borrow MY clothes to wear home the next day…)

We can’t wait to hear yours… Bad pick up lines are the BEST! Comment below.

Kacie Finance is the former Editor-in-Chief of HER Blog. These days she is a part-time contributing author and a full-time lesbian.

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Deb | 4 years ago

Was gonna say the mirror in your pants one but Daphne beat me to it LOL except that I heard it from my best friend as a joke and it cracked me up so hard. It's now one of my go-to lines when trying to make cute girls laugh (if I know they already like me)

Jai | 4 years ago

Are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only ten I see 😂😂😂

Chelsea | 4 years ago

Pick up lines are only ok when having cheesy pick up line wars with your chums. Did you sit on an F9 key coz dat ass refreshing 😂