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Q: Who did you first come out to? How did it go?

By Kacie |
Kacie Finance is the former Editor-in-Chief of HER Blog. These days she is a part-time contributing author and a full-time lesbian.

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Monique | 4 years ago

My crush at the time. She came out and I realized that I found that hot and was confused. I talked to her about it and realized I wanted more than friendship. Never got together but we still friends(:

Shannon | 4 years ago

My best friend. She already knew before I said anything then we went to get something to eat and talked about the "type" of women I like.

RB | 4 years ago

Came out to so called "Friends" at work only to discover that they were ignorant in the end, although that happened I was happy I did and never had to pretend anymore. Be careful who you come out to though 😏😉