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Q: Who is your favorite lesbian couple of all time?

By Kacie |

Q: Who is your favorite lesbian couple… of all time!?

A: So, at first, I was all ‘Ellen and Portia. Definitely Ellen and Portia.’ You gotta give a nod to our queens, right? And then I thought, what about some of the amazing fictional examples we’ve got out there… What about Stef and Lena from The Fosters? Or how about beautiful newlywed couple, Rose and Rosie? And then, of course, there’s Wanda Sykes and her wife, Alex.

I’ll let you throw your top pick(s) out there. Because really, you can’t go wrong!


Kacie Finance is the former Editor-in-Chief of HER Blog. These days she is a part-time contributing author and a full-time lesbian.

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Recent comments:

Lauren | 4 years ago

Cammie and Shannon 😍

EK | 4 years ago

Brittany and Santana, but I always have room for Shane and Carmen

Beth | 4 years ago

Rosie and Rosie 💁🏼