How mature are you, really?

Are you like 16? Or 61?

1. Which cat do you fundamentally identify with the most?

You can be honest. It's okay.

2. Getting socks as gifts is...

We're talking about nice socks, here.

Basically an insult 😒
Practical, I guess? 🤷
Actually elite 🥰

3. Do you finally understand why your parents made a big deal when you left the lights on?

Sorry, mom.

4. On a Friday night, you're more likely to...

5. What's your reaction to the phrase, "Thank you. Your scheduled payment has been received!"?

Sorry, y'all.

6. A long-distance relationship is...

... even with someone you like...

Anything to find love 🥰
A pain, but doable 🤔
Just not happening 🤦🏿

7. Someone you really like ghosts you-you respond by...

8. I rather spend my money on...

9. What text would you send someone after a great first day?