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Show some LOVE for this cause: A Song for Pride
Sydney Mardi Gras is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to celebrate their version of love. Whether it’s gay love, lesbian love, interracial love, family love, friend love, or even pet love, Sydney unites under the fact that love is for everyone. This incredible theme inspired Australian Musician Toby Martin to create a song for everyone, by everyone, in honor of love. And I got to see it!

Shana 1Credit: Star Observer

Martin teamed up with Twenty10, an organization that provides a safe space and support for LGBT youth, to create “(If It Ain’t For Everyone) It Ain’t Love”. Transphobia and homophobia continue to be major issues in Sydney, which is why the song was created at the perfect moment (Yay, Mardi Gras!). Not to mention it sent positive feels to everyone in the crowd reminding them that they are not alone.
Sydney Pride 2
The B-E-A-Utiful people of Australia created the lyrics by completing the sentence: “Love is…”. And with that, “It ain’t love” became the soundtrack to Sydney Mardi Gras/PRIDE. Martin and a team of volunteers collected over 1,000 definitions of love. The song was debuted at Fair Day and is now available FOR FREE on Google Play.

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For every download, Google Australia will donate $1 to Twenty10. The money will be used to continue supporting Twenty10’s mission of providing safe spaces through emergency housing and support for LGBT youth. Be sure to check them out and watch the video below to see how the song was made.
Oh, and DOWNLOAD THE SONG (I mean really, who doesn’t love free things and a good cause?) So go get it…

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Let’s spread the love worldwide!