Stage 1 of Feed re-boot comes out today!

Hey HER-dom!

Hope you have all been having an amazing Pride month. So far we’ve made it out in LA, Longbeach, SF, NYC, Toronto, Philly, Houston and there’s more to come!! 

After a big month of Pride prep we’re getting on to something we’ve been wanting to do for AGES. A revamp to the Feed for iOS users (Android – yours will be coming out shortly, we’ve got some improvements coming out very shortly).

We’re always juggling a thousand different urgent items with such a small team and while there is a LOT going on that we’ll be excited to share over the coming months, today we’re releasing the first step in improving the Feed. 

We’ve tidied up the design so its much cleaner and as we look to improve the functionality, we’ll have lot more space to do it. 

You now create a new post form the top of the Feed. And in the top right hand corner you can select Events to view local events like you used to. 

If you want to view Local posts, just select the drop down arrow next to Global at the top, and select Local. You can jump between them just like before, but you access the locations from a different place. 

I can’t wait to carry on building the new features & get them out to you. Is there anything in particular you’d like to see in the Feed? Let me know!