Stonewall Holds Trans Activist Meeting In London

On Saturday 30th August, Stonewall, the leading Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual charity, invited 50 trans activists to join them in starting an important conversation about how to finally be inclusive of the trans community.  While Stonewall have done incredible work for LGB people, in the past they have been a literal stone wall in regards to helping the trans community but newly appointed CEO, Ruth Hunt, is changing all of that.
Activists joined the Stonewall team where the number of cis people present was heavily limited to just a handful of people, so that a discussion could be had about the future of Stonewall, how they can improve communication within the community and work together on projects in the future.  Hunt has said that this is not the only time this group of people will come together but is the first of many meetings as it’ll take more than one talk to change the future of Stonewall.  They also have made clear their intention to have talks with trans people of colour in the future too.
Zoe O’Connell had gives an excellent account of the events of the day and Stonewall would still love to hear what you think should happen.  Tell them your opinions here.
To hear what the participants thought on the day, check out this video by Fox Fisher: