Submit Your Candy Bar Confessions

This week we are crying into our vodkas as London’s famous Candy bar is closing it’s door. So with all the crazy drunken debauchery the bar has seen over the years, we know there have to be some really great stories floating around out there and we want to hear all about them.
secret-girlsYou can share your craziest Candy Bar memories on our special share wall where you can dish the dirt on your wildest, drunken escapades.  Upload your favourite photo of you and your mates at Candy and tell us about the best night you had at the bar.
Too many outrageous nights to choose from? Get some help narrowing it down by checking out out latest Buzzfeed post: 23 nights every girl has had at Candy Bar.   Was number 5 how your best night started?  Maybe it was number 15.

Share your memories of Candy Bar here.