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The Best LGBTQ+ Podcasts You Should Be Listening To [Updated: July 21]

We all know June is pride month, but at HER we celebrate being queer all year long. And whether you’re out or not, nothing says pride quite like queer podcasts. So, in the spirit of pride, check out this roundup of the top lesbian podcasts known to man. Er, woman.

No matter how you identify, you’ll hear a variety of opinions and perspectives that you can likely relate to from comedians, celesbians, and influencers around the world. With episodes that offer you friendship, entertainment, and real insight into queer culture — some of them will have you in tears, while others will have you in tears laughing. We know you’re dying to hear them, so let’s dive in!

1) Bad Queers

Bad Queers is the mother of all podcasts. If your mother was a cool, label-defying, queer black wxman, that is. You won’t find any U-Hauls here — just real talk on owning your bad queer self. Our very own co-hosts Kris and Shana from HER app share their unpopular (and uncensored) queer opinions on all things fluidity and sexuality.

They dish out weekly insight into the diverse and ever-evolving community of lesbian woman that just don’t feel like they fit into a pretty little queer box. Do you feel like a “bad queer” sometimes too? Not to worry — Shana and Kris have got you covered on LGBTQ+ education as they break down slang from the “queer urban dictionary” at the top of each episode.

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2) Dyking Out

With an impressive 189 episodes and counting, Dyking Out has been a favorite lesbian podcast among the queer community since 2017. Hilarious standup comedians Carolyn Bergier and Melody Kamali dyke out with a special guest each week, from guest musicians to comedians, to their own girl crushes — so, you can only imagine how interesting it gets.

They chat about all things queer/lesbian, pop culture, and the latest news. Plus, the women have no shortage of funny stories to share about their own experiences in this relatable queer podcast. And, despite naming their podcast Dyking Out, the episodes have plenty of great content for everyone, no matter where you fit on the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

3) Lestalk

If you’re all about celebrating our differences as queer woman, then you’ll love this lesbian podcast. Lestalk is co-hosted by wonderful couple and self-proclaimed “professional lesbians,” Charl and Spencer.

They also have occasional special guests and experts join them as they dish on a wide range of queer taboo topics like cheating, gay awakenings, bisexual myths, and lesbian dating apps. It’s refreshing how the co-hosts are such open books and never hold anything back during their candid discussions. That might be why the episodes are shaken up with a healthy mixture of both laughter and tears — you know, pretty much like real life.

4) Uneducated with Cammie Scott

Have you ever held back from asking a question because you didn’t want to offend somebody? Never fear-YouTuber and social media influencer Cammie Scott has taken it upon herself to ask all of the hard questions for you. “Uneducated” answers all of your questions on a broad range of subject matters, ranging from bisexuality to dealing with mental health to nonbinary dating.

So far, she has one solo episode but most of the time she’s chatting and interviewing people who provide a unique perspective on their first-hand experiences, including her own girlfriend. Plus, Cammie is super likeable and she gives off the vibe like she’s your best friend talking to you over coffee.

5) Lez Hangout

If there were two queer woman we’d love to spend the day with, it’d be the creators of Lez Hangout, Ellie and Leigh. But don’t be fooled — these two aren’t a couple — they’re actually bi-coastal co-hosts separated by thousands of miles. Despite that, it’s not hard to see why this award-winning lesbian podcast is already on the fourth season, with over one million downloads.

Each episode covers a range of controversial LGBTQ+ topics that aren’t exclusively related to life as a lesbian. They bring on guests representing different identities in the queer community and shed light on all kinds of important topics. But don’t get us wrong, it’s not as serious as it sounds — Ellie and Leigh will have you howling in the car on the way to work. Or, you know, wherever you listen.

6) Queery with Cameron Esposito

This queer podcast has been providing comfort for both out and closeted lesbians around the world since 2016. They went on hiatus at one point but they’re about to celebrate 200 episodes at the time of writing this article. There’s no doubt in our minds about why it’s so wildly popular — queer comedian Cameron Esposito brings you incredible interviews with a wide range of unique humans.

They dig deep into issues like identity, coming out, labels, racism, and everything else you can think of surrounding the queer experience. The latest episode features a fascinating conversation with crush-worthy celesbian and star of the Netflix hit series “Feel Good,” Mae Martin. Not gonna lie, we’re kinda hoping Queery never ends!

7) Rose & Rosie: Parental Guidance

If you’ve ever been curious about starting a family as a same-sex couple then you’ll absolutely love this lesbian podcast. Married celesbians and co-hosts, Rose and Rosie, already have huge accomplishments under their belts like writing a book together and becoming YouTube famous. This podcast records them embarking on their latest adventure  — becoming parents.

With new episodes airing every Monday, each one covers unique topics like IVF, adoption, pregnancy, and parenthood. Their first episode, “Two Girls, One Egg,” is deeply insightful and provides plenty of comic relief. They’ll steal your heart as you follow them on their journey to “The Final Countdown” (hint: they are having a baby!).

8) The Lesbian Romantic

Are you a hopeless romantic at heart? If not, well, that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a good lesbian love story anyway. You won’t want to miss out on your weekly dose of fictional romance with The Lesbian Romantic every Tuesday. This top lesbian podcast features Sigrid narrating seasons of sapphic stories that will have you blushing as they unfold. Not only are the episodes incredibly well-written, but each one is full of music and sound effects that create a much more immersive experience than your average podcast. And, is it just us, or is the narrator’s voice super seductive…? We dare you not to binge each season all at once!

Happy Queer podcasts listening!

We hope you enjoyed this list of the top lesbian/gay podcasts that we just can’t stop binge-listening to right now. These aren’t definitive, they’re just our favorite.

What we love most is, whether you’re in the mood for nonstop laughter, a heated debate, or brushing up on your queer education — these podcasts have something for everyone. While each one is wildly different, they all share a common thread — celebrating the diversity of humankind.