The Dattch Update – What’s Changed

If you downloaded the Dattch update over the past week you’ll have noticed some BIG changes.
oops my bad

  • We had a bug on messaging and images. Despite a lot of testing before we released the update, there was a big error that came up when thousands of people started using it causing our servers to go a bit mental. But that’s all fixed now so if you want a bug free app, just reinstall and you’ll be golden.

Apple download  // Android download

  • Inbox. That’s right. The whole thing has changed. Some of you are loving it, some of you are freaking out. So here’s what we’ve done:

Pulled all your messages into one view. Jumping between Inbox and Likes and Views was messy and taking a lot of time. You couldn’t remember who you had liked, and you couldn’t see what they had liked. So we pulled it all into one conversation chain. If someone contacts you, you will always see the like or the message for that person. Simples.
Views is also a bit different. You now have all of your Views at the top. You can only see that day’s Viewers, so you can’t sit around and wait another day (or two) to send that message. Bonus: from next week on you’ll get a notification to tell you how many girls have been scoping you out. Now you won’t forget to come back and check.
Profiles in message. This is one of our favourites. You can see all the hotties’ pics at the top of your message chain, which means you can stop going back to her profile to see that she really is that cute.

  • Profiles have slimmed down. We looked at a lot of data and found that with you, it’s all about the Likes and the Messages. So everything else is now in the top righthand corner if you need it; otherwise, let’s focus on sending those Likes and those Messages.


  • Uploads. Rather than uploading from the “spinny wheel,” we’ve put the buttons to upload new images and text right at the top of your profile. We call it: easy access. Now you have no excuse not to keep your profile up to date.

We get that this is a lot of change, and having those bugs really didn’t help. But the bugs are fixed and the app is running faster than ever. More importantly, it should be easier than ever to use.
This change is just the first in a whole series of big updates coming out over the next few months. We know, we know, change is scary. But it’s also really bloody good. Wait ’til you see what we’ve got coming up for you. We’ve spent months with our users recently understanding what works and what doesn’t, so all of the changes we make will be based on your feedback.
That said, if you have any opinions you want to share, email and we’d love to talk with you more about them. Let’s do this!
amy and tina