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The DJ Booth with Ms. Jackson

May 08, 2015

When I think about Mother’s Day my heart warms up.
I was lucky enough to have the most loving, beautiful and happy Mother in the world. My Mom was my best friend and I lost her 6 years ago to cancer. Time has healed a lot of the pain, and I am left with so many amazing memories of her.
She gave me so many gifts, especially my love of music. She loved blues, ‘60s girl groups, and Paul was her favorite Beatle. I loved sharing music with my Mom and this week’s post is a tribute to her.

I wanted to create a collection of music that’s soulful and classic yet fresh – songs and artists where retro meets newtro (not a real word, but it sounds good). These are covers your Mom might know that you may be hearing for the first time. Maybe she’ll school you and know a few of the new ones too.
This week’s playlist is bringing you Amy Winehouse, John Legend, Mayer Hawthorne and many more for you and your Mom to enjoy together this Sunday!
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