The new HER profiles are here

As Pride month riots on, we’re celebrating today by launching a huge update to HER! A complete overhaul of profiles for the radical expression of queer identities.

Profiles are a critical space to show people who we are, yet mostly end up becoming a bland wash where everyone sounds the same. So few social and dating apps have invested in trying to help the queer community express who we are, and in doing so, deny LGBTQ+ people the opportunity to truly be ourselves. To express all of our identities, with all the intersecting facets that makes us, us.

At HER, we’ve decided to change that by creating profiles that allow you to feel seen, safe and supported.

Today, profiles have launched with space to explore Gender, Sexuality, Pronouns, Diet Preferences, Star Signs and a whole lot more.

Poly? No problem. Vegan? We see you. Tons of cats? Add it on.

But beyond sharing with the world who you really are, we want you to understand who others are too. Even within the community there is a huge lack of awareness of identities – so for all our identities sitting within Sexuality, Gender and Pronouns we’ve added the ‘What does this mean?’ field – so you can understand who the people are that you are meeting too.

Most excitingly, this is just Stage 1 of the roll out. Stage 2 will be shared in the following months, with an even deeper exploration of how we express within the community. Without giving too much away, we’ll just say that from Butch Daddy Dykes to Femme Pillow Queens… there’s a lot to look forward to.