Transport For London Install Rainbow Flag Crossing For Stonewall Campaign

Transport For London have installed a rainbow flag crossing outside Arsenal underground station in partnership with Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces Campaign. It’s to support an anti-homophobia campaign but it did have us wondering – why the hell can’t we have rainbow crossings everywhere? They’re so much prettier!
rainbow crossing

TFL’s Facebook

The crossing has been installed ahead of this weekend’s match between Manchester City and Arsenal and will remain until Sunday 14th. The Stonewall campaign saw the charity, in association with Paddy Power, send out multi-coloured football boot laces to UK football teams in an effort to end homophobia within the sport. ¬†Players will wear them to show support for their gay teammates, fans and to show that football doesn’t need to be homophobic or associate with the toxic masculinity that often surrounds it.
Will a crossing help to change people’s minds?