Two Speeches About Confidence You Should Read Today

At some point, we all have issues surrounding our lack of confidence.  As we grow older, our perception of ourselves changes and with these changes can come either confidence or insecurity and in the world of social media, confidence doesn’t always blossom like it should when one mean-spirited tweet can send you spiralling.
Two stars who aren’t about to let the media knock their confidence are comedian Amy Schumer and actress Gabourey Sidibe.  At the recent Ms. Foundation Gala for Women, these two hilarious, confident, beautiful women gave eloquent speeches that remind us that confidence is something that we need to give to ourselves and is not for others to take away.
Gabourey, star of Precious and American Horror Story, talks about how her size makes her a target for hate and criticism while Amy, star of Inside Amy Schumer, remembers a college encounter that made her realise that she’s funny, smart and ultimately worth more than being anybody’s last choice.
Read Amy’s speech here and Gabourey’s here  on and immediately feel 110% more awesome.