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Up & Out – Tegan & Sara's playlist for Her

Oct 12, 2016

Introduction from Sara Quinn:

So many of the artists and bands I’m listening to right now happen to be LGBTQ. Of course, I rarely think to myself when I’m listening to any of this fabulous music “it’s so cool that ______ is gay”, but sometimes playlists like this one remind me that we’ve come so far! There is so much visibility for our community and it’s truly inspiring to hear so many mainstream outlets embrace and extend the spectrum of artists being showcased in the media today. When I think back to my own youth I remember that it wasn’t uncommon to see the biggest stars experimenting and flirting with gender fluidity and sexually ambiguous themes (Madonna, Prince, The Eurythmics). So it’s refreshing to see a new generation of artists unapologetically bending the mainstream once again”

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