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Vote for Dattch! We’ll give away kittens!

Dattch is running for two awards. And it’s very important you vote, because we love winning things. Specially shiny things.
If you like Dattch and you think an user on Dattch is a babe, this should be your way to give us kuddos.
dattch best lesbian dating app
The first of them is the prestigious Smarta 100, awarded to, and we will quote, “the most inspiring and disruptive small businesses in the UK.”
Sounds fantastic! (Right?)
Dattch is running for best mobile business of 2014 and the competition is incredibly hard, but we’re giving it a shot. There is a prize and everything.

Vote! Dattch totally is the best mobile business of the year

And if you’re gay and English (so about 50% of you), Dattch is also running for best lesbian dating and networking platform of the year. At Planet Londons LGBTQ Ultimate Planet Awards.
You also get to vote for stuff like favourite lesbian webseries and best lesbian clubnights in London. Sounds like a fun way to spend a few minutes.

Vote! Dattch totally is the best social platform of the year