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If I had infinite means, I would use technology to help LGBT women around the world by…
It’s that time. Get ready to send one lucky lady to the 2015 Lesbians Who Tech Summit for free! Make sure you place your vote before 12pm PST on Thursday, 2/26 in order for it to count. Here’s how to enter:
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Jesse. Women who identify as LGBT deserve safe and supportive technology mentorship worldwide. With infinite means, I would partner with UN Free and Equal and Google to establish branches of oSTEM for Women (Out in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in every country with low LGBT equality indexes. Peer-led workgroups and ongoing digital mentorship from LGBT women in technology would allow LGBT women to build lifelong partnerships and gain career knowledge in a safe and nurturing environment.

Katinka. I believe education to be the key to many ills in the world and the major vehicle for lifting humankind out of poverty, isolation, oppression, or other misery. So, if I had infinite means, I’d use technology to ensure that LGBT women (and all other women) all over the world had access to the most awesome educational opportunities. I’d implement a program geared towards women that included online courses and workshops taught by outstanding instructors, thought leaders, and researchers of highest reputations, online mentoring programs, online networking opportunities, and online recruiting tools. With all this I’d want to give LGBT women the tools they need to become innovators and thought leaders, to side-step oppressive environments that keep LGBT women (and all other women) in the world from leading independent lives, and to shape this world into the place it ought to be.

Olivia. I would create an app that would connect queer people of color with safe places to travel globally. Whether you are traveling to a small town for work, you are seeking asylum in a new country, or you just want to explore a new place, this app would connect you with safe lodging, dining, bars, cafes, and community centers.

*Thank you to Jennifer, Patti, Kelsey, Sophie, Chloe and Monet for your entries! This was a very tough one.
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