We be #Rollin

By HER Team |

This Saturday was our first ever outing to a London RollerGirls bout. We’ve heard a lot about it. We’ve Youtubed it a lot. We’ve literally gawked at the videos but the one thing we can tell you about Roller Derby – is that it is fu*king awesome.

It’s girls on skates, out agiling each other, out manoeuvring, out bashing and out styling each other, on skates, in an arena. It sounds like too much for the mind to handle but that’s not even mentioning the Cheerios, the boozing, the music and the donuts. It’s kind of like all our fantasies rolled into one ecstatic dream.

But asides from our unexpected elation, it was the first time in ages we had been to see any kind of live sport. Seeing women dominating the track, riling up the crowds, building up a sweat and getting stuck in, it all made us a bit jealous. It’s been long, too long, since we did any kind of physical activity, strapped on the trainers, stretched in a hot sauna or whatever. And these girls looked great, they were buxom and lean, fast and balanced and they were competing. Really competing. Roller derby is a sport, and a tough one, but unlike a lot of other sports we’re familiar with it has a LOT of benefits that come on the side.


So if part of your 2013 resolutions were to find yourself a sport, do some exercise, meet new people, we’d suggest you sack off the gym membership and get yourself into to roller derby because it’s the best thing we’ve come across in a long time. On the other hand, if the thought of building up a sweat breaks you out in a sweat, you should not miss the chance to go watch the London Roller Girls. It’s a fun and fiesty afternoon with fearsome feminine fiends.

And it just so happens there tends to be a lot of lesbians there so you never know what Dattch may bring to the afternoon as well……


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