We're Hosting an OITNB Marathon Screening. Want in?

We’ve all been waiting long enough, but pretty soon, Orange Is The New Black will be hitting our screens with Season 3. Piper, Poussey, Alex, Red, Crazy Eyes, Taystee, Morello and the gang. It feels like your friends left town for a few months and FINALLY they’re coming back home.
Now for the HER community, this is a big deal. A big BIG deal. Last time Season 2 came out we huddled in our rooms and binged the Season, scouring Twitter and Facebook and Instagram to see what everyone else was saying about it. Which was kind of weird because all our friends were doing exactly the same thing in their rooms, by themselves. So it hit us, why aren’t we all watching this together in one huge lezzie marathon viewing session with pajamas and tequila and Alex and Piper and popcorn?
So that’s what we’re going to do. In all the big cities where HER is live, we’re looking to organize an OITNB marathon viewing on Friday June 12th, the day the season is released.
And we’re looking  for team leaders and helpers in each city to put on these epic parties! Submit to be a helper HERE.
What you’ll do as our city rep
– Find a venue
– Setup the event on the day
– Field any questions as they come up
You’ll kind of be like the warden of Litchfield. Except the pretty brunette who’s super cute.
How we’ll help you
– We’ll give you $$$ to run the event – sorting out treats and popcorn for your gals
– We’ll promote it with you to get all the girls there
– We’ll hook you up with the Netflix
We’re coming to a screen near you in…
– London
– New York City
– Boston
– San Francisco
– Los Angeles
– Chicago
Want to run one somewhere else? Email robyn.exton@weareher.com.
So, can you handle it? If you’re good at organizing things (and people), love to boss lesbians around and want to spend a night locked up in a big cell with a lot of women, fill in your details HERE and we’ll get you your jumpsuit. For everyone else that is dying to take part but isn’t the organizing kind of gal – you can pre-request tickets HERE.
HER Gold Star Members, that’s right, you get tickets first. (Want to become a Gold Star Member? Apply here)