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What are your goals for the next two years?

By HER Team |

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Poo | 1 year ago

Be certified in my career, and open my own business. Almost there ! Even though it seems so far away 😬 one day at a time man

Hola | 1 year ago

Share my family with a woman and her family. I can’t wait 🦋

Fern | 1 year ago

To me: keep developing my testing modules to get better result, developing leadership skills, and visit Pamana.
To others: keep working as a volunteer teaching math to children. The boy said I’m his role model and want be an engineer like me(my driven energy)so I’ve been watching him grow up for long term starting with first 2yrs. These are my brief life. If you ask for next 10yrs, I also get plans.🤓☺️