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What is your coming out story?

By HER Team |

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Bri | 2 years ago

Mom asked me, I told her I'm gay and she's like "it's cool, I've dated girls too". I think I was the only one who was surprised.

Antoinette | 2 years ago

I started dating this much older woman. My family could tell I was in love. I didn't even know , until my mom told me. She telling me she wanted to meet the guy that had me so happy. I had to finally confess it was a woman, once she kept pressing me. Ofcourse she flipped out and boo-hoo cried when I told her. The next day she bought me a card telling me she loved me no matter what.

griffy | 2 years ago

I told my mom I was gay and she asked me why. I just looked at her and she said okay