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What stereotypes about the LGBTQ+ community make you roll your eyes?

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Coco | 5 hours ago

Bisexuals are "wishy washy hoes" well not this one!!! I dated a girl and was cheated on so no lesbian or anyone else can tell me shit... regardless who you date you'll get cheated on weather it's a boy or a girl, weather you're gay bi or straight... and that shit pisses me off and hurts at the same time...

Antoinette | 16 hours ago

i literally heard “Pansexual” and “Bisexual” will definitely “F**K” any and everybody! like they some sex addicts lmao! i am bisexual and i don’t mess with any and everyone! i keep my stuff in my pants😂😩🤞🏾💯

Liz | 2 days ago

Bi bashing, transphobia (still) and people taking stereotypes and labels way too seriously.