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When did you last feel really nervous?

By HER Team |

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Katrina | 2 years ago

nothing true is ever really known absolutely. Honesty is still my only tool when other people doubt me. i am not a perfect person. But, i'm trying my most to be MY best self. Cut me slack or don't do a dam thing, but assuming the worst rarely results in progress. lol. i'm a boy scout in a woman's body, whatcanisay?!

Lea | 2 years ago

The last time I felt really nervous was when I went to meet up with a girl. I didn't know her it was just a one time hook up, but I was really nervous. I ended up doing a very good job but I was just so nervous in the beginning I was shaking

Korey | 2 years ago

Trying to move my dads cat from off my lap without waking him up was a lot more nerve wrecking then it had any right to be