Where Every NY Lesbian NEEDS To Be Next Friday

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By Robyn

Next Friday we are officially launching Dattch in NYC and we’re doing it at the monstrously spectacular event that is the Queer Women Who Tech Summit.

For the non techie out there who are about to switch off – STAY; listen in, because this conference is for everyone.  And we have a special offer for you.

I went to the last Lesbians Who Tech, as it was previously known, conference in San Francisco and left feeling absolutely buzzed.  Running a tech company, you end up going to a fair few conferences and events filled with great people, inspiring talkers and cool attendees.  But I have never experience anything like the LWT Summit.

ssperling2Sara Sperling, Head of Diversity at Facebook

The quality of speakers was phenomenal with a range of topics from fundraising to diversity to development.  I’d never learnt so much or felt so proud and respectful of women in the work place today.

auditoriumAnd I can’t deny, there’s a certain energy that you get in a room filled with hundreds of women; there’s an openness to talk, connect and learn from each other which completely maximises the opportunities to be created from an event like this.  I can often be the dork that is sat at the back of the room, trying to weigh up who to approach but, at LWT, it’s the most open environment I have ever experienced.  There’s no hesitation to get chatting and a lot of people offering a lot of introductions.

If you’re eyeing up a way to spend a Friday that could significantly forward your career, both in terms of learning and networking, you MUST be at this event, you won’t regret it.  As an added bonus, all Dattch girls have been given a 50% discount code off for the event which is HUGE.  Get your tickets from here & use the code LWT50.

Plus you can hold my hand as I go up to pitch 🙂 See you there! Robyn x

llrThe incredible founders Leah & Leanne

robyn 150Robyn is the creator of Dattch, eater of Pombears and finder of funny cat pictures.  She also runs GeekGirlMeetup and you can find her tweeting here: @Robynexton