What's with all this goddam Facebook stuff

If you’ve signed up to Dattch or if you’ve started signing up to Dattch but not quite made it through our burning hoops of fire, DNA saliva tests and generic all round lesbian questionnaire, you’ll have noticed that we do in fact use Facebook as an essential part of our sign in. This is a big deal, for you and for us, so I wanted to clear up why we use it, what exactly we are doing with it and why it’s so goddam important.
The Why
We started creating Dattch after we’d received our 36th message from Ash, that guy on OkCupid that wanted to ‘start out as friends’ and Kirsty, the underwear model that asked ‘How you doing pretty eyes?’. We were tired of syphoning off the fakes and the phonies and thought, surely, it couldn’t be that hard to create a genuine community of women?
From the outset we decided to check that every Dattch user is genuinely female. We looked at tonnes of ways to do this, from DNA sampling to fingernail tests, but the most simple and effective way was to use Facebook. Before the haters start hating, we fully realise that not everyone is on Facebook and we’re really sorry that we’re being so specific at the moment. But the reality is, that the majority of people today do have an account. Whether they use it daily, weekly or monthly, most people have signed up to the Big Blue Book. So we use the information it can give us in a simple but effective way to work out if someone is who they say they are.
The How & the What
So what does it actually do? How does it actually work?
We can not emphasise this clearly and loudly enough. Hitting that sign in with Facebook button does not share anything to your wall and your account. Nothing.
To break it down into techie speak, Facebook offers 2 types of sign-ins. ‘Read’ – where the app can read information from your profile, and ‘Write’, where the app could post to your wall. We use the Read sign in. So we have zero ability to post to your wall. None.
The other way you can join Dattch is by sending us a message on Facebook. It is literally a private message, just like sending an email. When you send us that message one of the team (that’s me or Emily) look at your profile and check off our magic formula of clues to validate you.
Sometimes there may not be enough information on your profile for us to see what we need to see. You could have high privacy settings or you may not have had your account for very long. So we’ll reply and try to figure something else out.
One thing we can not control is what people see when you ‘Like’ Dattch on Facebook. This is a Facebook setting and your likes can be seen by your friends. So we want you to be aware and very clear that if you ‘Like’ us on Facebook, your pals will probably see it.
This all sounds like a lot of work, and it is. Not least because we know how important it is. We have guys applying to join the app every day. To date, we’ve have 12 fake Facebook accounts, 32 messages from dudes asking to be put in touch with ‘the bi ones’ and 3 guys that have simply just not got what the concept of being interested in women means. But the point is, they haven’t got through. Not one of them. And that makes us sleep easy at night.
The harsh reality is, it’s not going to stay this way forever. Some smart ass is going to work their way through it and when they do, we’ll be scouting them out and we’ll be looking for your help to report them.
But in the meantime, we’ll keep on checking, we’ll keep maintaining your Facebook privacy and we’ll keep letting on as many women as we can, so that you can keep talking and dating without having to think about men.
We’re working our brains and asses off looking at different ways to approve people. And in the next version of the app you’ll see we are trying out something new. But we’re open to all suggestions because we want as many users on here as possible. We’re trying to build a community and so it’s in all our interests to get as many women on here as possible. So if you have any ideas, please do send them through. You can reach me on robyn@dattch.com.
Robyn x