Working 9 To 5 As A…DJ

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By Sandra Davenport

My day starts with a strong cup of coffee because as I’ve usually been out the night before and I need that caffeine kick right into my veins.  I also do not answer the phone before midday.  I’m not lazy; I’m a DJ.

People assume as a DJ you turn up, play a few songs, chuck a bit of Britney in the mix and then head home.  But, usually, if you run said night, you have to do all the promotion for it.  I run the nights Ruby Tuesdays, the only lesbian midweek night, and TLC which happens every first Friday of the month.  There’s always loads to do and you can never be ‘done’ with promoting; you always feel like you could have done more.  If it’s a monthly gig, there’s actually more work involved than a weekly one because as soon as you’ve finished one night, you start promoting the next.  The music side is brilliant because I get to search for new tunes and up and coming artists and call it work.  I spend so long on the internet just seeing what new songs are out there and head back in time often to find forgotten gems.  It’s crazy how you can go onto youtube to listen to one song and after three hours you’ve found some sort of singalong epicness from 1997.

I have meetings and have to talk club nights and venues depending what I’ve been planning and if you want to know about stress, just plan a massive party like g3:PM where we sold out London’s Scala.  We had the amazing Peaches performing and that was just one little part to organise.  It was epic on so many levels and afterwards I went into a post-massive-club-night come down because I had worked so hard on making so much happen in one night.  Still, I learned a lot from it – including don’t get drunk at your own party if you’re in charge of the finances.  I enjoyed it so much though and there’s nothing like looking around at 1400 lesbians having the time of their lives and knowing it was mostly down to you.

My journey to the club is pretty good too because it’s never in rush hour.  However when I’m travelling back at 4am, I tend to avoid people’s questions of “What’s in your bag?” because firstly, I don’t want to get into a conversation with strangers while walking the streets of London, and secondly I don’t want that conversation of explaining what I do and what’s like to be a DJ.  My favourite response is that I’m carrying around a bomb disposal kit.  It’s never failed in cutting that conversation dead.  Sorry but sometimes it has to be done.

So, back to the start of my 9-5 which starts in the PM and I’m off to a club.  I love my job.  I get to play all the songs that I like and I get to chat to loads of girls.  I even get free drinks and I get to hang out with my mates.  What’s not to love?  Office politics usually begin with the phrase, “You’ll never guess what…” and they’re usually right.  I wouldn’t.  So there’s never a dull moment and I get all the latest gossip served with vodka.


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Sandra DJs at Ruby Tuesdays every week (Tuesday) as well as Candy Bar and TLC at Green Carnation which is on the first Friday of every month. In August it’s on the ninth because Team TLC were in Brighton Pride drinking vodka last week. Find her tweets @djsandradj