Our New Update is Live

Today we have a big BIG update live in the App Store. It’s a whole new feature that will completely change how you meet and talk to new women. And it’s called Would You Rather. You’re probably pretty familiar with this game and you’ll have probably played it with friends on car journeys or in after work drinks. Would you rather… Pizza or Kebab? Sarah from Accounts or Hannah in HR? 4 hours with Katie Hopkins or a night in prison. But we think you’ve probably played worse.
How Does It Work?
Would You Rather works just as you would expect it to.We show you 2 images that you have to choose from. A Dattch Girl or an Alternative. Choose which one you would rather and drag it up to the box at the top.
If you choose the Dattch Girl and she’s chosen you too, it’s a match. We’ll let you know right away and you’ll get a message to introduce you. The twist in the message is that we’ll tell tell you what you chose each other over. Could be great, could get a bit awkies, but without a doubt you’ll have something to talk about.
We’d love to know what you think. Love it, hate it, want to see something changed? We’ll use your feedback to do the next update so get in touch and let us know.