Your Feed is now Global…. and Local!

Are you ready for a whole new Feed refresh?! This update is all about revamping the Feed and it really is just the start of where we’re going to be taking the app.
First up – you can now post images. No need to paste those Instagram links anymore.
Second up – creating a post is much simpler. Just create a post and add in whatever you want.
Third up – a few weeks back we tested running the Feed as ‘Hyperlocal’ and it was awesome to get so much feedback, we’re super grateful to have this amazing community. Based on what you shared with us and the data around how the different Feed types worked we’re now giving you – Global AND Local. You can now filter to see posts from people in your area, or people from our whole Global community.
As always we’re here listening and reading your feedback so please post below thoughts and ideas – we’d love to get your input.