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Community Guidelines

HER Community Guidelines are here for YOU.

It is our goal to make HER a place where everyone can unapologetically be themselves, feel safe, feel included, and build wonderful relationships that are based on trust, identity and community. What we love seeing:


•  There will be lots of opinions in the community – respect others’ comments, engage in fun & humor and be appropriate. No judgement, no drama, no put downs.

•  Trust that everyone in the app is here with good intentions. If someone says something that is unintentionally hurtful, respectfully name it. This could lead to a better understanding for the person and the community.


•  We love diverse content that connects us all throughout the HER community. We want everyone to feel included, welcome, and comfortable when they’re in the community.

•  Show value in each other. People take the time out of their day to be vulnerable, open and themselves. Acknowledge each other, comment, have discussions and pay it forward.

•  These communities are for LGBTQ+ women, trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people to be able to discuss and share in a space that is tailor-made exclusively for us. Respect is absolutely required when engaging with other HER Community Members.

Copyright Issues

•  Only post photos of yourself. Don’t post photos of anyone else, unless you are included in the image. If it doesn’t belong to you, don’t share it. Using someone else’s photos in place of your own will get you removed from the app.

•  Third party content can be shared, but don’t take credit for content that is not yours.

•  No Revenge Posts: This Community will not tolerate revenge porn, posts from Pornhub, Redtube, etc., trafficking, or selling of photos. If it doesn’t belong to you, don’t post. If this has happened to you, please share the post to support@weareher.com so we can remove it immediately.

Speaking of photos and posts

• NO NUDES – sorry, we can’t #freethenipple in the entire app until Apple & Google change their policies.  Please keep everything covered. This means no genitals, no nipples (yes, this includes areola), butts, etc. regardless of gender expression. This includes artwork, illustrations, and memes. We want to keep the app open for you all to connect. Any posts of this nature could result in removal from the app.

• FACE PHOTO – a photo of your face is required. We know a lot of you want to be anonymous with no identifying pictures and still be able to match! Your safety is important and we work hard to confirm that profiles are real people. So, for now, profiles with no face photo will be banned.

• NO bullying or shaming behavior – here you can sit with us. Everyone has their opinions and experiences, do not judge if they are different from your own. No hate speech, insults, unnecessary drama, fighting, purposeful triggers, phobic speech, etc. We all know the playground chant- “If you don’t have anything nice to say…”

• NO fake news. Just. Don’t.

• NO minors under the age of 18

• NO purposeful triggers. Everybody has a story, be respectful. You never know what someone else has been through, be mindful.

• NO self-advertising, spamming or scamming.  This means personal information, posting the same thing in every community, cashapps, etc. You will be warned, and should you persist, you will be removed from the app.

• NO cross-posting.  Any post seen more than 5 times (either in one Community or across more than one Community) will be removed. Additionally, let’s keep your posts topical to the community that you’re posting in. Off topic posts will be moved or removed.

• NO unaccompanied minors. If you want to post pictures of your children, please be in the photo with them.

• ZERO TOLERANCE – On HER, we have a zero tolerance policy for any phobic, discriminatory, aggressive, shaming, abusive/harassing, racist, sexist, ableism, ageism, trolling, attacking and/or graphic behavior. This includes using “it’s just my opinion!” to excuse this behavior. Be respectful.

Community Rules

Any post or profile is at liberty to be removed by HER staff or HER moderators if they do not comply with the community rules.


We do not allow “unicorn hunting” or “fetishization” on HER. This includes couples looking for a queer person to fulfill their threesome fantasies and couples seeking out other users or “chasing” others based on creed/gender/orientation to fulfill fantasies at the sake of our community’s comfort and safety.


We have moderators within each community- their profiles are marked with a black M for visibility. Moderators are volunteers who are giving their personal time to help keep the community a safe space for everyone. They can’t see every comment or read every post, but they work extremely hard removing posts and people that break community guidelines. Please treat them the way that you would want to be treated. When they remove something that violates our guidelines, they are doing so to keep the community safe. We want to keep it this way, and we need your help to be able to do it. It is important that you report a post or comment that breaks community guidelines, so that we can remove it as quickly as possible.If you see something that needs to be dealt with immediately, you can also send the link/post/profile to support@weareher.com to be reviewed/removed. If you are ever interested in being a moderator, reach out to the moderators of the community you are interested in and they will be happy to discuss it with you.

Need help?

We understand everyone has battles that they are working through.  Here are some resources to help you fight, and seek the support you need.  You’ve got this.

Questions about the community guidelines?  You can ask questions in the HER community or contact support@weareher.com