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HER Brief history

HER was launched in 2015 with the simple goal of making the first dating app for lesbian, bisexual and queer people. At the time, there were over 40 apps for gay men and hundreds of apps for straight people, but not a single app had been designed around the needs of sapphic daters. 

Our founder, Robyn Exton, first had the idea for HER in 2013 when she got tired of using dating websites that had clearly been built for gay men but turned pink and packaged up for lesbians. She learned to code, quit her job and made her first test app – Dattch. It was like a Grindr for women and it completely didn’t work. For the few people that used the app, she could see the women were looking for something different, something safe, intentional, easy to use and sapphic from the first step. So she set out to build HER.

Since its release, the app has exploded. Being the first actual dating app that addresses the needs of queer women, nonbinary and trans people, HER app has reached over 15M users, 300M matches, thousands of queer marriages and hundreds of lil babies.  

Safety measures and most used features

A safe sapphic experience: HER will always prioritise creating the safest sapphic experience for our users. Protecting them from unicorn hunters, discriminating behavior and any form of bad actor. We’re the safest, most inclusive space for queer women, nonbinary and trans people. 

LGBTQ+ Expression of Identity: From Pride Pins, to queer identity and interest groups in communities – HER is the most expressive sapphic dating app you can find. We truly see you for all the parts that make your identity unique, and provide you with the space to express that. With Pride Pins, you can filter HER users by their sexuality and shared interests, from the super fun (“So Fetch!”) to the deeply meaningful Political Pride Pins.

Go Incognito, See who’s Online now and See who’s Nearby: Incognito mode lets you see profiles without being seen. When you swipe right on a profile, or add someone as a friend, the person will be able to see your profile. Just remember, incognito means no posting, commenting, or joining events – it’s all about quiet exploration.

See Who Likes You: We know how valuable it can see to get the confidence to say yes to someone. Sometimes the gentle nudge you need to make that match is a singel step away. See Who’s Liked You is our most popular premium feature. 

Check out more on HER premium features here.

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Major app releases

2015: HER launches in the UK and USA for all queer women, nonbinary, and trans people. As the first dating app designed for sapphics, HER offers gender and sexuality options tailored to the community and unique profiles that express key aspects of queer identity.

2016: HER introduces community features, allowing users to add friends and connect around content and community. These features blur the lines between dating and friendship, reflecting the joys of the queer community.

2017: HER hosts its first in-person events in NYC, London, Portland, Austin, and SF, bringing queer joy and love to users. The success of these events leads to parties in over 25 cities.

2018: HER adds event listings to the app for better IRL connections and hosts the official NY Pride Women’s Party. HER is also listed as Apple’s “App of the Day,” a milestone for LGBTQ+ apps.

2019: HER launches in French, German, and Spanish, providing an inclusive dating experience for sapphics across Europe.

2020: HER reaches 8 million users, becoming the largest dedicated audience of any sapphic platform.

2021: HER launches in Japanese, expanding its user base into Asia.

2022: HER releases Pride Pins to help users express their identity and communicate who they are.

2023: HER has made over 300 million matches, thousands of queer marriages, and helped create hundreds of families. With over 15 million users, HER has been consistently recognized by Apple as an Editor’s Choice app from 2019 to 2023.