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HER Reaches 300 Million Matches and Counting!

Nov 03, 2023

HER Reaches 300 Million Matches and Counting!

After a landmark year in dating, HER is revolutionizing the future of meaningful sapphic connections

HER, the largest dating app for sapphic dating on the planet, is proud to announce it has recently hit its 300 millionth user match. HER has had a landmark year with wildly successful product launches, marketing campaigns, and advertising partnerships, as well as securing new key hires. Now in its 8th year, HER shows no signs of slowing down and is looking to further cement its iconic role in queer online dating and relationships. 


Along with crossing the 300 millionth match milestone, HER has also been downloaded 17,500,000 times (and counting) and sees upwards of 800K swipes per day. 

“I could not be prouder of the product and the culture HER has built in the last eight years,” said Robyn Exton, Founder and CEO of HER. “Being an LGBTQIA+ person in the world was particularly difficult this year. With all of the anti-trans legislation, the corporate debacle that was Pride, and just the general fervor of hate that was spread, it can feel pretty lonely. At HER we are right there in these moments with our users. We understand and am experiencing these important cultural touch points with our community and are always pushing forward to bring our users together.”


HER continues to push the dating app industry forward with fun and exciting innovations for our sapphic users. We are always looking to bring our community-specific features and opportunities to come together–for dating and for friendship (because isn’t that what being gay is all about?!). 

This year we introduced Thirst Mode, a new feature that gives users the ability to get 60-minute bursts of unlimited likes, swipes, and profile boosts. HER has also expanded interests on user profiles, giving users more to connect with. Our regular online events such as speed dating, and queer movie nights have continually sold out and become fan favorites. 

And of course, user safety continues to be a #1 priority for our team. 


In the last year, HER brought on three key hires as part of its ongoing growth plan. Angie Gola-Ebue, the startup’s new Global Head of Advertising and Partnerships comes to HER after a four-year tenure at dating goliath Match Group/Tinder. Taylor Gobar joins HER as the Head of Marketing, bringing years of unique tech, marketing, and user acquisition experience to the table. Darshy Narine, HER’s new Head of Product, joins the team from Hinge as its former Senior Director of Product Core Experience. Under Angie, Taylor, and Darshy, the sales, marketing, and product teams have expanded and are hyper-focused on user growth to further establish HER as the leader in the sapphic dating space. 


Under Angie’s leadership, the advertising and partnership team has had a remarkable year working with influential brands including Hulu, Farfetch, Contiki, Reckitt, Hotel Tonight, LiveNation, and Mars Petcare. HER’s advertising partnerships have created more sales, higher click-through rates, and engaged audience exposure for its advertisers. 

In a post-BudLight world, there has never been more of a need for brands to show support of the LGBTQ+ community with authenticity and purposeful intention. In 2023 an overwhelmingly large number of brands and retailers chose to step back from their typical Pride campaigns. However, at HER we’ve seen the genuine allies investing more in long-term engagements, community research, and more values-driven campaigns–creating even greater opportunities for building advocacy with the community for many years to come.


Taylor, our Head of Marketing, is set on amplifying HER’s audacious voice, especially at critical moments. This Lesbian Visibility Day, we confronted TERFs who falsely claim trans women can’t be lesbians. We stated clearly: ‘Lesbian’ is inclusive, and TERFs—known for harassing trans users—are not welcome on HER. This bold initiative secured major media coverage from outlets like NBC News, Yahoo!, MSN, and Pink News elicited strong support from our users and the wider queer community.


HER prides itself on being independently run and operated (ie: we are not chained to parent or holding companies). Because of that independence, we have been able to be BOLD this year and go places and talk about things that our competitors would not dream of. A large portion of HER employees identify as queer, so our approach to safety, product, sales, and marketing is all through the lens of talking to our own community (unlike other dating apps that see the LGBTQIA market as a cash and growth grab). HER is the real deal and with 8 years under our belt, we are only getting better, baby! 

In the next 12 months expect to see groundbreaking campaigns engaging directly with the queer community on vital issues, one-of-a-kind brand partnerships bringing queerly-beloved products and services to our users, and outstanding new technology making online dating fun and approachable for the non-het-set. 

“Our users should be excited for the coming year. We have some fun things in the works to get more people engaging with the app and dating in fun new ways,” said Narine, HER’s Head of Product. “Dating apps can be so much more than swipes, and we know our users want to engage in the community and connect with each other in more meaningful ways. Be on the lookout for some innovative product updates and of course, everything we do will be bold and fun.”

Here’s to 300 million more matches!

About HER:

HER is the world’s largest dating and community app intentionally designed for sapphics. HER has built a safe, inclusive space geared towards fostering meaningful relationships among sapphics both online and in real life. With a user base of over 13 million registered individuals worldwide, we have thriving communities in the US, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Thailand, and Brazil. HER is the ideal place for anyone looking to form lasting, intentional connections with like-minded individuals.

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