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I Kissed A Girl: Who’s Still Together?

May 31, 2024

I Kissed A Girl: Who’s Still Together?

The burning question answered! Well, we did some serious insta-stalking ❤️🇮🇹 Who of all the couples ended up staying together, who split and who is still TBC’d…. Of course the real answers will be known at the reunion soon!

Calling all I Kissed a Girl viewers! We’re officially obsessed with the summer romance brewing in this BBC Three dating show. These queer cuties have been living it up in a gorgeous Italian masseria, swapping kisses, navigating drama, and hopefully finding love. But with the reunion just around the corner (June 2nd, mark your calendars!), everyone’s dying to know: who’s still together from I Kissed A Girl?

The show’s rules are strict – no spilling the beans about your relationship status until the season airs. But we at HER have been busy combing through Instagram and have some juicy intel on who might still be coupled up.

Here’s the lowdown on the current I Kissed a Girl couples (and one that sadly said goodbye):

1.Cara & Georgia: The OG Couple (No 😭?)

Cara and Georgia, the original couple from I Kissed A Girl tv show

Source: BBC

These two were an instant match on day one, and have been practically inseparable ever since. They even survived a little detour involving Lailah, but Cara made it clear her heart belonged to Georgia. Their recent wobble involved some communication issues, but they seemed to be back on track. Are they still together? We can’t say for sure, but they do follow each other on Insta, which is a good sign, right? Update: from the reunion we found out that sadly they didn’t survive returning to normal life.

Cara is hanging out with two other contestants, Eva and Amy, on Instagram stories. They are from the TV show "I Kissed A Girl."

Wait, there’s a twist! We’ve noticed Cara hanging out with a few other contestants (Eva and Amy, to be exact) like a LOT and haven’t seen any loved-up Insta Stories with Georgia…yet. And guess what? Georgia kissed Eva on the show! Insert massive question mark here. This is getting messy, and honestly, we’re here for it!

A scene from the TV show "I Kissed a Girl" where characters Georgia and Eva are kissing. A social media prediction from Meg's Instagram suggests that Georgia and Eva "get together."

Our resident love guru, Meg, thinks Georgia and Eva “get together.” 😅 At this point, our heads are spinning faster than a disco ball.

2.Hannah & Amy: The New Match on the Block (No)

Hannah and Amy from I Kissed a Girl tv show sitting on a sofa, with Amy looking at Hannah very lovingly.

Source: BBC

This couple is the latest addition to the love nest. Hannah had her eyes on Amy from the start, and Amy felt the same, although she was also drawn to Fiorenza. Luckily, Amy chose Hannah at the last kiss-off, sending Fiorenza packing. Are they still together? Well, they still follow each other on Instagram, but some castmates aren’t convinced. 

3.1 Meg & Eva: A Match Made in… Wait, Who Was With Who Again?

Meg and Eva from the TV show I Kissed a Girl about to share a passionate kiss, their faces close and expressions full of emotion.

Source: BBC

These two had a bit of a rollercoaster ride to find each other. Meg went from Amy to Fiorenza before setting her sights on Eva. Eva initially showed interest in Amy, but ultimately went for Meg.  Are they still together? Well plot twist, there’s a new couple emerged from this couple!

3.2 Meg & Lailah: A Match After the Cameras Stopped Rolling!

Meg and Lailah from the TV show I Kissed a Girl’s Reunion episode

Source: BBC

Remember Meg, the total babe with the killer waves and even more stunning blue eyes? Yeah, well, forget the messy love triangles you saw on I Kissed A Girl! Our girl Meg found her happily ever after in a way NOBODY saw coming.

While Meg was busy navigating love triangles with Amy and then setting her sights on Eva, a whole new connection was blossoming right under our noses! That’s right, we’re talking about the gorgeous Lailah❤️! Remember how they both seemed to like each other but never quite made a move? Well, Meg slid into Lailah’s DMs after filming wrapped! Let’s just say, it was a match made in social media heaven.


Watching it back noticing Lailah stand by Meg automatically as she entered, the way Meg looks at her immediately giddy. How did we not see this coming? Like no one matched better than them, even their intro clips the personalities just lined up beautifully and their discussion with Cara & Priya about bisexuality you could see they had a connection #ikag #ikissedagirl #bbc #megandlailah #invisiblestring @lailahmuscat @Meg Homer

♬ original sound – Harper (fn)

Unlike the rollercoaster ride Meg had in the villa, things with Lailah were all about taking it slow and exploring their connection in the real world. Forget juggling feelings for multiple people, these two got to focus solely on each other. Sounds pretty dreamy! ☁️

And guess what? Their first date was all about keeping it real – none of that manufactured reality TV drama! They bonded over some peri-peri goodness at Nando’s (because who doesn’t love a cheeky Nando’s date?). Now, these lovebirds are officially a couple, they’ve met the fam, and they’re ready to shout their love from the rooftops (well, at least now that the show’s over and they can finally hold hands in public and post pictures together! ).

Meg might not have found love the “traditional” I Kissed A Girl way, but who needs a scripted ending when you can have a real-life happily ever after? Keep an eye on these two, they’re definitely a couple to watch.

4.Priya & Naee: A Match Made in Masseria Heaven (No 😢)

Priya and Naee from I Kissed A Girl tv show, a Match Made in Masseria, are sitting on a sofa enjoying a conversation. They are about to be told that they've been talking behind Hannah's back.

Source: BBC

Another day-one pairing, Priya and Naee hit it off initially. Naee explored a connection with Demi, but ultimately chose Priya at the kiss-off. They’ve been each other’s rock ever since, even getting voted the most compatible couple! They faced a tough decision sending Abbie and Lisha home, but it seemed to solidify their bond. Are they still together? They also still follow each other on Instagram, but haven’t confirmed anything post-show. Update: The Reunion revealed that the ultimate power couple also didn’t survive. We’re heartbroken. 

So, are they still together? 

Nae and Amy from the TV show "I Kissed A Girl" appear together in an Instagram story. Nae is smiling brightly while Amy is leaning in close, both looking happy and enjoying the moment.

We see Nae and Amy hanging out in Instagram Stories these days (seriously, Amy is EVERYWHERE!). We’re starting to think she needs her own dedicated blog at this point!

And Priya just posted a TikTok with Hannah, even captioning it “Look who I bumped into!.” But hold up – Hannah returned the favor with a TikTok of her own, featuring Priya at what appears to be a happening bar or restaurant. Coincidence? 😉

5. Lisha & Abbie: A Short-Lived Spark? (YES!)

Lisha and Abbie from the TV show I Kissed A Girl look happy and after sharing a kiss.

Source: BBC

This pairing started strong but struggled with communication issues, with Abbie finding Lisha a little “clingy.” Sadly, Priya and Naee sent them home during a kiss-off. Social Media Spy Report: Still following each other, but no clues about a post-show romance.

The Jury’s In: They made it! After everyone thinking they were the least compatible this couple was the most genuinely in love and they are still going strong now!

Stay tuned for more updates as the I Kissed a Girl finale approaches! And in the meantime, who are YOU rooting for? Let us know in hersocialapp Instagram.

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