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Queer dating memes that are way too relatable 

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Jul 30, 2023

Queer dating memes that are way too relatable 
  • There is nothing that can make you feel more seen and more attacked at the exact same time than a queer meme. Stereotypes of queer dating and relationships aren’t cute coming from straight people, but—coming from us—they are priceless. Every gay knows that feeling when you find a meme that reads you to filth. 

    Some memes might be more relatable than others, but take what you like and leave the rest! Memes are meant to represent the thoughts and feelings of a specific audience and elicit humor. 

    The best queer dating memes out there are based on hilariously specific, yet accurate, sweeping generalizations. And while we know that queer dating is not a monolithic experience, it can be funny to make fun of ourselves and queer dating culture as a whole. Here is a roundup of some of the best relatable queer dating memes for a good laugh and sense of solidarity amongst us!

    Queer dating memes

    Dating as a lesbian can be hard. It usually entails matching with someone on HER, going out to a nice date spot, and then having a slight existential crisis about your own mortality two drinks in on the dance floor. No? Just me and Barbie? Okay cool cool…

    A lesbian meme saying “lesbians two drinks into a first date” featuring Barbie from the Barbie movie having an existential crisis on the dance floor, asking “Do you guys ever think about dying?”

    Source: Instagram

    There’s nothing like the sweet sound of a prosecco bottle popping open three weeks into a relationship with the new queer love of your life. Lesbians are known for their deep emotional investment and unprecedented skills of inventing super cute anniversaries to celebrate. If this is you and your new wife, cheers! 

    A meme with 2000s Missy Elliot in a sea foam tracksuit, with a champagne flute and a bottle of prosecco saying: lesbian couples celebrating their 3-week anniversary

    Source: Instagram

    If you’re in the queer dating world, you might be familiar with the butch/femme dynamic. But did you know that this dynamic is also extremely ethereal, animalistic, and otherworldly? If not, let me introduce you to this meme.

    A tweet on a rainbow neon background that reads: butch/femme, you mean ethereal & animalistic.

    Source: Pinterest

    Are you a toppy queer femme with an acrylic nail addiction who loves to switch? If so, check out this hilarious queer dating meme. You have probably come across that awkward moment in the salon when you have to ask the nail tech doing your manicure to keep two of them, on one hand, short. I’ve also heard of some folks doing the latex glove and cotton ball technique, but queer femme nails for the win!

    Queer ladies, if you think that it’s okay to wear whatever kinds of shirts you want with no bras that make you feel the most comfortable in your body and affirmed in your gender, you should definitely keep doing that.  Girls wearing whatever they want to wear in a cisheteropatriarchy is fire. 

    Source: Reddit

    If you’ve ever dated in the queer scene, you might have come across the concept of non-monogamy. While some queers do practice non-monogamy, it’s not an inherently “better” or “more evolved” relationship structure than monogamy. Don’t be the guy in the relatable dating meme on the floor getting stepping on for pretending to be chill with polyamory, when you really just want a boo.  

    A meme showing two femmes kissing with the text: “practicing non-monogamy because you actually want to be non monogamous.” One of the femmes is standing on the face of a man laying on the ground, the text over him reads: “practicing non monogamy because it’s the only way you can get or keep a specific person.”

    Source: Instagram

    Maybe you’re an English major, or maybe you’re a cottagecore Tumblr lesbian who looks like Harry Styles and has a penchant for finding the racy sapphic poetry and professing your love by tagging your crush. If so, this lesbian dating meme might be about you.

    A cottagecore lesbian meme for queers on Tumblr

    Source: Instagram

    Queer relationship memes

    It wouldn’t be a queer dating meme dump if we didn’t talk about the extensive hours that lesbian couples spend watching YouTube tutorials in their house to fix an electrical problem that almost certainly requires a professional.  If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a handy butch, femme, or them, this meme is for you. 

    A lesbian relationship meme about DIY projects featuring a sinking yacht

    Source: Instagram

    If you (like me) were low-key in love with your best friend as a kid, then you might have recently found your old childhood journal that recalls every charm on her charm bracelet in excruciating detail. If not, you might want to read over your childhood journals again. 

    Source: Instagram

    There is nothing more exciting than falling in love! An inevitable part of falling in love also consists of lurking on the social media profile of the girl you are falling in love with and finding pictures of her and her ex-girlfriend years ago. It’s super chill and no big deal that other people have been in love with the girl you are talking to, right? Right? 

    Nothing sums up that feeling quite like this iconic femme chihuahua lesbian dating meme. 

    A white chihuahua tucked into bed with pink glasses and a pink sweater with pink headphones in holding a Nintendo DS. The text over the chihuahua reads: “Me hurting my own feelings while lurking.” The text over the Nintendo DS reads “pictures of the girl I’m talking to with her ex girlfriend with loving captions and comments to each other.”

    Source: Instagram

    Nothing says lesbian culture like a good, long, intimate, deep, and unnecessary conversation with your ex. If you are going over to your ex girlfriend’s house for closure, you might as well tell all your friends that you’re back together already. This dating meme had me literally rofl-ing. 

    An old lady in a pink sweater on a walker is saying, “I’m just going to my ex gfs house for closure,” to which her granddaughter replies “Sure grandma, let’s get you to bed.”

    Source: Instagram

    Long-distance lesbian relationship memes

    Anyone who said long-distance is a reason not to date someone obviously wasn’t a lesbian. There is the harmful stereotype that lesbians will travel any distance to be with the woman they love, and then there’s the lesbian who escaped Russia by boat and sailed to Canada to be with the woman she loves. Can you blame her? 

    A long-distance relationship meme featuring an article about a lesbian woman who escapes Russia by boat and sails to Canada to be with the woman she loves. Meanwhile, heteros say “idk she lives like an hour away, that’s too far.”

    Source: Reddit

    While us queers might be known for our uncanny ability to maintain long-distance love, that doesn’t make it easy. Long-distance sucks, and goodbyes can feel a lot like this. If you’re in a wlw long-distance relationship, this relatable dating meme says it all. 

    Or maybe you are single and on the apps when you stumble across the profile of a girl who lives at the bottom of the ocean. Anyone got a free ticket on the next submersible? 

    A lesbian dating meme showing a submersible going to the bottom of the sea showcasing about how far lesbians are willing to travel for love.

    Source: Instagram

    Queer Dating App Memes

    You know that feeling when you’re a lesbian on a dating app that wasn’t made by and for queer people, and your inbox is full of terrifying unwanted cucumber-shaped messages from cisgender men. Good thing HER exists, and you don’t have to deal with that anymore…

    A meme portraying a terrified cat looking at five cucumbers all around it. The caption says “lesbians” and the cucumbers show all of the unsolicited messages from cis men reading “why do you hate men?,” “threesome?”, “you just haven’t met the right guy,” “that’s hot,” and “but you’re so pretty?!”

    Source: Instagram

    Sometimes, being queer and dating in the real world is like doing a DIY project. You’ve typically only got two tools to get the job done. An effective drill for the project (otherwise known as dating apps) or a less effective hammer (friend of a friend referrals). Choose your weapon.

    A dating meme about the only two queer dating options with Rachel from the OC holding a drill in one hand labeled “dating apps” and a hammer in the other labeled “friend of a friend referral.”

    Source: Instagram

    Sometimes it’s easy to romanticize the past and think back to a simpler time, before we had all the online queer dating apps. Oh right, back then we had dial-up internet that took at least forty-five minutes to get online. The old fashioned way isn’t always the best way. Do yourself a favor, ditch the stigma, and download HER today.

    Source: Instagram

    And finally, this last single life meme is for all the solo babes out there who are focused on themselves, prioritizing their well-being, and staying tucked in bed with their cat all night. Just to let you know, as a Cancer sun, I firmly believe that staying in with your pet all night is a super valid excuse to not leave the house. All the more time to swipe right!

    A meme portraying a woman with her cat lying in bed, tucked in together, on the phone, saying she can’t come out tonight, she’s super busy…

    Source: Reddit

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    Dusty Brandt Howard is a writer & a fighter. He is a trans masculine cultural narrator who builds worlds with words. You can follow his thirst traps on Instagram, his writing on Substack, or find him at your local queer bar in northeast LA.

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