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A Non-Binary Dating Site Where You Can Make Meaningful Connections

Roll your eyes if your dating app experience has been about as limited as the gender binary. Let’s be real — we’re way past being the “other” gender when we fill out our profiles. We brought HER to life because we wanted a platform with limitless possibilities for boundaryless people. Our name is as specific as it gets, our community is a space for all — queer women, non-binary, trans, gender non-conforming. Come as you are and find your people.

Find and Chat with Non-Binary People Online

Believe it or not, there is a way to meet new people without feeling like a professor of queer studies. If you’re tired of explaining pronouns, there’s a community of over 8 million people on HER that are with you on that. Finally, there’s a place with less explaining and more connecting. Need we explain more?

HER is an easy and safe space to find and chat with like-minded, non-binary people. It’s not just about lasting or casual love — it’s about friendships, deep convos, shared experiences, and exploring more about yourself and others. We made HER to empower you to make what you want of it.

It turns out dating app chats are worlds better when they don’t just cater to a heteronormative world. *Acts shocked* Just explore the app and send some messages. You’ll notice the difference faster than you’ve had to block people on those other apps. It’s quite the feeling to open an app on your phone and not have it immediately be toxic.

Enby Personals: A Community for You

It’d be pretty out of touch to make a one-dimensional app for our non-binary community. That’s why HER is anything but — it’s as engaging as you are. Explore and join like-minded community groups and chats. Tap into events in your area that give you a place to meet more people IRL. Keep up with all of that on your personal feed.

Our chat rooms are an awesome place to hop into when you’re feeling social. It’s like having a local hangout spot right on your phone. If you happen to be vibing with someone in the chat, you have the option to connect one-on-one. And don’t worry — our people are positive, amazing, and welcoming, so our chats stay the same. We also moderate around the clock in case someone needs to be escorted out. You have the control to build the community that makes you feel the most like you. Keep your close connections close and explore the community at large when you want to expand your circles.

Place the noise from other social apps on silent and find your non-binary community on HER. Seriously, ask our other users and you’ll realize that the sour juice you’ve been drinking on socials and dating apps is not worth the endless squeeze. Pardon us, but we only serve fresh, organic, locally grown connections here.

Looking for Friends? or Your Person? Join HER!

You don’t limit your gender, so we don’t limit what you can find on the app. Friends, found family, confidantes, thinkers, activists, listeners, creatives — whoever you want to meet, we want you to find what you’re looking for. It’s up to you to start looking. Leave your bad dating app experiences at the door.

Given how fast our community is growing, there’s a very good chance you’ll find more than what you’re looking for on HER, or even things you weren’t expecting. After all, we don’t live by expectations. We truly, madly, deeply hope that HER has a positive impact on your life. Are you down to find out?