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Why HER is one of the best non-binary dating apps?

 It’s time to say game-over for the binary game by swiping to the left and right!

HER is an LGBTQIA+ app where non-binary people can date safely and be part of a community. Created by queers, for queers, HER is an ever-growing and definitely a safe space to be your authentic self and find your people. 

Available on iOS and Android for free.

13 million+ queer folks

Including over 200k non-binary people to connect with

4.5 stars on iOS and Android

Apple Editor’s Choice 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019

Safe spaces & support

A dedicated trust and safety team is ready to assist you anytime

Queer conversation

Chat about your favorite things in over 35 HER communities

A welcoming community for non-binary folks of all persuasions

Safety, comfort, connection – that’s what we seek from our partners and friends. These things are difficult to come by in real life, though, let alone online. But what if online dating could be as fluid as we feel and live? Like how a friendship can spark a love match? Or how previous dates can become best buds?

What does dating look like in a non-binary world? HER is one of the best non-binary apps because is it designed to be inclusive of all gender and sexualities, and you’ll never have to worry about explaining yours to anyone 🙂


We met on HER!

Sam & Bronwyn

“It all started with a hello and now, I am married to the most gorgeous woman in the world.”

Amanda & Rasheeda

“The moment I laid eyes on her, I knew. So did she…I am so grateful for HER bringing us together.”

Chris & Stephanie

“We swiped right even though we lived 120 miles away…If I had to do it all over again, I would. I found my best friend on HER.”

Non-binary dating FAQ

How do I find other non-binary singles to date online?

We know that non-binary dating can be frustrating, with bigotry, confusion over your pronouns and identity, and rudeness popping up all too often.

At HER, we have a strong commitment to making our app a safe and inclusive place for all non-binary folks, including gender-fluid people, to chat and date.

No matter where they fall along the gender spectrum (or completely outside of it, because it really is up to you how you identify!) all are welcome on HER, along with all people under the trans umbrella.

We have more than 200,000 active non-binary folks on the app, as well as communities for non-binary people to connect, regardless of if you’re looking for friendship or dating.

Is non-binary an umbrella term? Who does non-binary refer to?

If you’re unsure what it is to be non-binary, it is, at its simplest, a label that refers to someone who identifies as neither man nor woman, boy or girl.

This might mean that their identity blends a bit of man and a bit of woman together or that they prefer not to identify with man or woman at all.

It could be that their identity exists entirely out of gender. And it often is not easy or useful to assume who a non-binary person might want to date.

Ultimately, it’s up to an individual how they identify and how they choose to be addressed. If you’re unsure of either, just ask respectfully.


How do I meet other non-binary people who will understand what it's like to be me?

HER is not only the best dating app for non-binary people but it’s also where you can connect with real open-minded people and get to know others who live similar lives to you, so you can share and learn from each other.

We understand that the queer communities out there can bring joy and fun but might not always brim with people who actually know what it’s like to go through what you go through day to day as a non-binary person.

That’s why we’ve built a safe place for non-binary people to meet each other, not just for dating but to get to know each other and feel part of a community.

What if I want to date somebody who identifies as non-binary?

If you want to date somebody who identifies as non-binary, it’s important to see beyond just their identity. Non-binary people, like all people, deserve to be seen and appreciated in their entirety, and it’s important to know that no one non-binary person is exactly the same as the next.

Two universal things to remember when dating non-binary people are that they will likely identify outside of the categories of man and woman and that it’s important to ask their pronouns so that you correctly identify them when speaking about them.

As for the rest of their qualities, well, they differ from person to person, so take them as you see them and you’ll soon find out!

How should I ask for someone’s pronouns?

It’s useful to ask for people’s pronouns because it can stop you from misgendering them and enable you to correctly refer to them in a way that tallies with how they identify.

HER enables folks to declare their pronouns if they so wish, so they can signal them to others without any awkward conversation.

If someone you’re speaking to doesn’t have their pronouns visible and you want to find them out, there’s nothing wrong with asking.

Similarly, if you’re still working out your pronouns, it’s always fine to say you don’t know, – gender can be a journey.

Why is dating as a non-binary person so hard? Does HER make it easier?

Non-binary dating might be particularly hard because the real world can be scary to those who are likely to have a gender presentation outside the strict binaries of man/woman.

There’s a lot of bigotry out there and not a lot of safe spaces. That’s why online spaces can, when done right, offer a safe alternative for people to use to meet others, either to date or just connect over shared values and interests.

At HER we’re committed to making a safe online friendly space for non-binary people to date and other LGBTQ+ folks.

To do this, HER only allows authentic profiles and has expert moderators to ensure no homophobia, transphobia, misogyny or other discrimination is allowed.

What makes HER the best non-binary dating app?

We at HER understand that the big wide world can be really intimidating for non-binary people who live outside of the binary ways society tells us to express our gender.

We also know it’s not always easy to meet people in real-life spaces that can either be few and far between or spaces just for partying.

That’s why HER is a social network app with over 10 million members who all sign up to follow our rules that encourage respect and inclusivity, regardless of gender and sexual orientation.

From the peace and comfort of your home, you can now find people to date on HER as well as meet other non-binary people with shared interests and values.