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Why HER is one of the best asexual dating apps?

HER is the world’s most loved LGBTQIA+ dating & community app. Made for queers, by queers, safety is our priority number one to offer a delightful experience for ace people to connect with other folks.

Available on iOS and Android for free.

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Ace dating without the hassle

If you’ve tried other dating apps, particularly those designed for straight people (looking at you, Tinder 👀), you’ll find that most matches reach out with one thing in mind: sex. When unsolicited, this can be uncomfortable, awkward, and generally a recipe for a #datingnightmare, especially if you’re asexual (“ace” for short). 

Asexuality describes people who feel little to no sexual attraction to others — but just because ace folks aren’t looking to hookup on the daily like Shane from The L Word doesn’t mean dating or sex is completely off the table…and that’s where we come in.

HER is an asexual-friendly dating app with community-building and friendship options baked right in for all gender identities and sexual orientations. Add your sexuality to your profile and fill out bio details so folks don’t make assumptions or make unwanted passes at you. 

Filter to find potential platonic or romantic partners by sexuality, mutual interests, dating styles, and other specific preferences to maximize compatibility. So, what are you waiting for? Ditch the basic apps, asexual dating sites and meet your new favorite people on HER.

Find friendship and love

Meet your ace community

Spark genuine romantic and platonic connections on HER, one of the largest apps for queer, non-binary, and trans people!

Whether you’re just coming out as asexual or have been loud and proud for ages, HER enables you to build meaningful relationships with people across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum in just a few taps. Discover over 35 communities with members across all sexualities and interests, including the asexual community!

This makes it easier than ever to connect with like-minded people in your area or around the world. Change your location with advanced filters to meet and build deep connections with people whom you simply wouldn’t find anywhere else.


We met on HER!

Sam & Bronwyn

“It all started with a hello and now, I am married to the most gorgeous woman in the world.”

Amanda & Rasheeda

“The moment I laid eyes on her, I knew. So did she…I am so grateful for HER bringing us together.”

Chris & Stephanie

“We swiped right even though we lived 120 miles away…If I had to do it all over again, I would. I found my best friend on HER.”


Can you have a romantic relationship if you are asexual?

In short, yes 🙂

Asexual people typically have a lack of sexual interest or attraction, but may develop and seek to act on romantic feelings they develop for others.

I’m asexual, how do I meet other asexual singles?

On HER, you can match with other asexual and ace-friendly people from your city or thousands of miles away with advanced filter options.

No more trying to awkwardly navigate the conversation and tiptoeing around the fact that you’re not interested in hooking up. On HER, you can feel safe to be open about your expectations and preferences from the start to find your ideal match, whether you’re looking for friendship, companionship, community, romance, or something in between.

You’d be surprised at how many other women and queer singles are on HER looking for love and friendship rather than sex. Plus, it can be easier, and sometimes safer, to be upfront and have an open conversation about being ace online versus trying to shout it at a crowded bar or explain after you’ve driven across state lines for your big date.

How do asexual people date? What about online dating?

Asexual people date just like anyone else ​​🤯  yeah, breaking news. They fall in love, show affection, and are 100% capable of developing amazing romantic and committed platonic relationships with people.

Asexuality is a spectrum and ranges from people who may be turned off by the idea of sex completely and won’t ever engage in it to more sex-neutral or sex-positive under specific circumstances.

Asexual dating sites can be limiting with not as many people nearby or online to chat with and mainstream dating apps can feel overwhelming for ace folks who may constantly have to explain their sexuality.

The best part about HER is that you don’t have to filter through the noise of typical dating apps with seemingly endless convos around unwanted hookups. We have plenty of ways for you to show exactly who you are with tons of queer women, nonbinary, gender non-conforming, and trans people to meet!

Homoromantic vs. Aromantic: what’s the difference?

We know that many identities fall under the ace spectrum and our team on HER strives to be inclusive of each of them. When you download the app, you can connect with asexual women of varying identities.

You might find homoromantic ace women who feel romantic attraction strictly to other women while experiencing little to no sexual attraction regardless of gender. Whether you identify as purely asexual, gray-asexual, demisexual, or somewhere else on the spectrum, you are welcome here.

There are also plenty of aromantic ace women on the app who don’t experience romantic or sexual attraction to people of any gender. Most aromantic women are on HER seeking friendship with other ace-friendly women and queers.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, everyone experiences their asexuality differently. Our mission is to help create a community that you can identify with, no matter where you fit on the spectrum.

How do I explain my boundaries?

If you’ve ever spoken to non-asexual people about asexuality, you know it’s often misunderstood.

It can feel isolating and tiring to have to validate your identity and boundaries on dating apps that aren’t inclusive of ace folks. Choosing from a limited list of sexualities that don’t fit — heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual — can be frustrating, not to mention misleading for potential matches.

Ditch the basic dating apps and asexual chat rooms and, on HER, discover the ace and ace-friendly community you’ve been looking for this whole time. Chat with queer women and singles who just get you.

I recently came out as asexual, is this app safe for somewhat closeted individuals?

Being asexual means you get to set boundaries and define what a relationship means to you as an individual, rather than conforming to what society says you should be. So, whether you’re looking for love, friendship, or simply just to be heard, there is an ace and ace-friendly community made for you on HER.

All posts are moderated, so you’ll find nothing but open-minded and supportive LGBTQIA+ women and queer people to chat with. And if you want to keep your profile on the DL (down low), there’s an option to go incognito, where only people you like will be able to see your profile.