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Queer and traveling to Bangkok? Become a pro in the Thai lesbian dating scene with these tips

Robyn Exton

Aug 02, 2023

Queer and traveling to Bangkok? Become a pro in the Thai lesbian dating scene with these tips

Are you a globetrotting gal visiting the wonderful city of Bangkok? Are you already there and trying to meet Lesbians in Bangkok? Well, then get ready to jet off on a fierce adventure as we spill the tea on this spot, a.k.a. a spectacular destination for all you wlw wanderlusters.

We’re going to dive deep into the secrets of Thai lesbian dating and help you get the international meet cute you dream of! So grab your passport, pack your pride, and let’s make the most of your trip!

Queer culture in Bangkok

Bangkok is unofficially known as “Asia’s Gayest City,” and for good reason!  LGBTQIA+ individuals are an integral part of the city’s social fabric, and the community contributes significantly to the city’s vibrant energy. You’ll find a plethora of gay events, parties, and even a whole district dedicated to queer tourists and locals: Soi Pratuchai.

Source: TimeOut

As a traveler, you’ll quickly discover that Bangkok is a city where love knows no bounds, and you can be out and about freely. Thai folks, in general, are known for their live-and-let-live approach, which translates into a more inclusive environment. And, of course, you’ll find some conservatives, but your boomer pesky neighbors are probably more trouble, so you’re good.

So, Is Bangkok safe for lesbians?

In general, it’s normal to have these concerns. That’s how we, unfortunately, learn to navigate the world, being women, queer, and some of us POC.  The good thing is, Bangkok is considered safe for all gay individuals. The city has made significant strides in LGBTQIA+ rights, and discrimination based on sexual orientation is legally prohibited. That said, it’s essential to be mindful of your surroundings and exercise the same caution you would in any unfamiliar place, especially a major city.

Source: Wanderlust Magazine

So if you stay vigilant, try not to walk alone, and are respectful of the culture, you’re good to go.

Pro tip: Get a pre-paid SIM card so that you’re always in touch! (And get a few swipes on HER while you’re at it).

Must-visit spots and events for lesbians and queer folks in Bangkok

Wondering where you can find the lesbians hiding in the ginormous city that is Bangkok? Well, don’t worry, we know where you might find them. Check out our recommendations:

Go Grrrrls

If you’re an alt-girl ready to riot, then you have to catch this event because it’s where the punk gals come out to play!

Source: TimeOut

This legendary monthly party is a must-attend for every lesbian in town. Go Grrrrls is a group of badass queer DJs and has been rockin’ the Bangkok lesbian scene for 10 years now,  attracting a perfect mix of locals and travelers, so you’ll fit right in with the crowd.

DJ Station

Oh, honey, this place is the epitome of queer fabulousness! DJ Station is a hyper-popular pick for an epic night out. Situated in Silom Soi 2, it’s a multi-floored mega-mad dancing spot where you can groove to everything from the latest pop hits to techno, and the drag queens serve serious looks and lip-syncs!

Source: Travel Gay

The best part? It’s overflowing with LGBTQIA+ folks, so you’re guaranteed to meet an array of gay baddies. Prepare to dance ’til dawn and break out your inner party queen!

The Stranger Bar 

It’s no stranger to awesomeness! This place rocks the title of the best gay bar in Bangkok. With wild drag shows, cheeky drinks, and a diverse, fun-loving crowd, it’s no surprise it will have you feeling right at home.

Source: Culture Trip

The vibes are unmatched, and the company is to die for—don’t miss this hotspot for an unforgettable evening when you visit!

Bangkok Pride Cruise

Let’s keep the party alive, babes! The OG Bangkok Pride had its ups and downs, and then it just stopped happening. But we’ve got something that’ll lift your spirits: Bangkok Pride Cruises!

Source: Bangkok Island

They’re bringing the parade to the river, and it’s cruising in style! With events popping up throughout the year, you have to keep an eye on their social media for the deets on the next fabulous party date. So get ready to find love, river-style!

The Grand Sathorn

Now, if you’re thinking of where to stay, or a fun spot for dinner and drinks, this hotel is the place to be for lesbian travelers! Nestled in the heart of Silom’s gay district, The Grand Sathorn is the perfect base for your queer adventures.

Source: Grand Hotel Sathorn

With a rooftop pool and sundeck, it’s ideal for post-party hangover recovery. Plus, it’s conveniently close to all the city’s top gay and cultural attractions. Talk about a winning combo!

Expert Tips for Lesbians Dating Abroad: Bangkok Edition!

Dating abroad is like a thrilling rollercoaster ride with a sprinkle of cultural flavor. To win at the Thai dating game, here are five pro tips that’ll have you living your best international life:

  • Show some cultural love: Immerse yourself in Thai customs, show genuine interest, and show your respect for local traditions. It’s the ultimate power move and a must for any foreigner.
  • Lingo level-up: Learn a few basic Thai phrases to charm your way into hearts and show off your language skills. Hello, polyglot queen!

Source: Lonely Planet

  • Slow and steady wins the race: Don’t feel pressured to rush into anything, babe. Take your time, have fun nights, and enjoy the journey.
  • Local insights FTW: Tap into the wisdom of local legends and even other travelers who’ve mastered the Thai lesbian scene. Their advice will be your secret weapon.
  • Be your authentic self: You might want to rebrand yourself for vacation, but when it comes to love, there’s no one like you! So embrace who you are and let your fabulous personality charm the gals. 

Source: Adobe

Connecting with your heritage as a lesbian

If the reason you’re visiting is that you have Thai roots and want to learn more about your culture and history, or even meet new family members you didn’t know about, then there’s a whole extra layer to unpack for this guide.

We are intersectional beings. Besides our sexuality, we have nationality, race, mental health, interest, and plenty of other factors that compose our identity. For many AAPI travelers, Bangkok can serve as a meaningful bridge between their home culture and that of Thailand. 

Source: UN Women

We know not all Asian or Pacific Islander countries are the same, but stepping away from Western customs and ideas can surely feel like a safe space for some. Plus, the multicultural environment of this city can evoke a sense of belonging and pride in your AAPI identity.

By embracing this, you contribute to breaking AAPI stereotypes and expanding the narrative of foreign queer travelers. Your presence serves as a testament to the power of intersectionality and the beauty of belonging to multiple cultures while finding something new about yourself in the process.

HER: Your ally for international lesbian dating

In a city bursting with possibilities, HER comes to the rescue as the ultimate dating app for lesbian travelers in Bangkok. With our inclusive array of in-app communities and kick-ass features, we open the gates to epic connections and unforgettable dating adventures. 

Swipe, match, and find a gal pal while basking in the warm embrace of Bangkok’s wonders!

Source: Stocksy

Do you feel ready for that dream Thai vacation? Remember to embrace the customs, become part of the local queer community, and get ready for an adventure that’ll leave you shook!

Bon voyage (or shall we say เดินทางโดยสวัสดิภาพ), and may love be your compass every step of the way!

Robyn Exton

Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER. Find her on Twitter.

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