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Parched? You’re not the only one. Thirst Mode is here to help

Jun 01, 2023

Parched? You’re not the only one. Thirst Mode is here to help
  • Saddle up, queers! Pride Month is here, and we have a war on thirst to win. 

    As we gear up to celebrate all month long, we are excited to introduce a new feature to enhance your dating experience and make it all the more exhilarating. Oh, and did I mention that we’ll be giving away this feature for a limited time only for FREE?

    Introducing: Thirst Mode.

    Get ready to quench your thirst for meaningful connections with Thirst Mode, a brand-new addition to our platform.

    Source: HER

    The hottest benefits of Thirst Mode

    Once you activate Thirst Mode, you’ll:

    • Have unlimited swipes 
    • See everyone who’s liked you
    • Put your profile in the limelight

    All for 60 minutes, each day of June. With unlimited swipes, limitless likes, and your profile boosted to the top of the browse section, you’ll have all the tools you need to find your perfect match(es). 

    Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to dive into Thirst Mode and discover the magic of connection like never before.

    Thirst Mode is the gift that keeps on giving (literally)

    For the entire month of June, you’ll be able to use (and enjoy) Thirst Mode for FREE. Why? Because celebrating Pride shouldn’t cost us gays money!!! 

    Source: HER

    Companies are out here “celebrating” queerness by charging an arm and a leg for mass-produced merch and lame events. It’s giving gatekeep, it’s giving tacky, it’s giving not-our-style. 

    So, new users, come one, cum all, and activate thirst mode for a limited time during Pride month! 

    We got Thirst Mode down to a science

    We love data. That’s not news to anyone here. We ran a few studies to better understand people’s dating and hook-up habits. Our findings might shock (or inspire) you as much as they did us. 

    The first was a Thirsty Survey. 

    Curious to find out how people responded to some of our burning questions? 

    Thirsty Survey Results

    The results are in, and seeing the diverse range of choices and experiences is fascinating. When it comes to preferred hookup arrangements, a friends-with-benefits setup took the lead at 30.99%, closely followed by casual dating at 28.40%. Meanwhile, 10.09% favored a fling, 7.51% expressed interest in threesomes or group sex, and 7.28% enjoyed one-night stands. Surprisingly, 1.41% were up for public sex! (I definitely expected this number to be higher.)

    The world of summer hookups and Pride Month celebrations is diverse and exciting, with people exploring various preferences and encounters.

    Thirsty opening lines that got us wet 

    We asked for you to send us your thirstiest opening lines, and the gays delivered! Here are our top picks — we dare you to try some (or all) of them out.

    HER’s top 20 thirsty message ideas:

    1. Use me for pleasure.
    2. Thirsty? Drink me.
    3. Don’t be shy I got that covered for both of us lol.
    4. Good pets get good spankings 😘
    5. Spooky girlfriend available.
    6. Nothing hotter than a revolutionary.
    7. Happy Pride you gay slut, now cum celebrate with me 😉
    8. I am down for so many things – I cannot wait to explore my identity more and the more the merrier.
    9. Ask for permission first.
    10. My strap is all organic 😜 Trans sex is best sex 11/10.
    11. You do you and have no shame boo.
    12. Let’s get our freak on safely.
    13. Let’s have a lot of good sex and enjoy pride.
    14. Uhhhhh women are hot.
    15. Tap into your divine energy and slut out.
    16. Keep calm and eat pussy, fuck anyone one but be safe, and most of all HAVE FUN.
    17. Let’s respect each others’ boundaries.
    18. Go wild, eat ass in public.
    19. I want this pride to be an amazing ride. Not a roller coaster ride 😏
    20. Wassup baby. 

    We encourage you to use these lines as an opportunity to express your desires while practicing consent and respect. Communication is key, so be sure to ask for permission and respect each other’s boundaries. 

    Whether you’re exploring your identity, celebrating Pride, or simply looking for some fun, prioritize safety, consent, and a fantastic time.

    This brings us to… 

    Come one, cum all (consensually)

    Consent is key. 

    We’ve explored a wide array of preferences and experiences within the realm of LGBTQIA+ summer hook-ups and Pride Month celebrations. That being said, different gays are down for different sh*t. What might feel vanilla to you might be in someone else’s red zone and vice versa. 

    So, when it comes to lighting your summer flings aflame, it’s essential for boundaries, limits, desires, and expectations to be clear, respected, and in place. 

    Remember, consent is an ongoing and enthusiastic agreement between all parties involved. 

    Get carried away in lust, love, and the realms of pleasure, and let consent be your guide. 

    Daniela Ochoa-Bravo is a writer and creative based in Brooklyn, born in Bogotá. She is the Founder and Editor of Colectivo Tabú, a project dedicated to democratizing the publishing industry by creating a space where the works of emerging and established artists can seamlessly coexist alongside each other.

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