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Here’s how to succeed in the world of lesbian dating in NYC

Robyn Exton

Aug 02, 2023

Here’s how to succeed in the world of lesbian dating in NYC
  • If you’ve recently moved to the Big Apple, or need a little help in the love department, have no fear! HER is here. In this concrete jungle, lesbian dating has its own unique flavor, filled with romance, diversity, and vibrant cultures. So, gal pal, get ready to uncover the secrets of finding love in the captivating world of NYC’s lesbian community. Cozy up, grab your favorite coffee from Joe’s, and let’s begin!

    The world of lesbians in New York City

    If there’s one thing that sets New York City apart, it’s the remarkable diversity and acceptance within the LGBTQIA+ community. Here, we celebrate authenticity, and you’ll find a rich tapestry of cultures, identities, and experiences. 

    The city’s queer scene offers a safe and inclusive environment for individuals to express their true selves. I mean, voguing originated right here in Harlem! And from the historical streets of Greenwich Village to the lively clubs in Brooklyn, there’s an infinity of spots to meet different kinds of lesbians, so dating your ex’s ex might not be an issue for you.

    Places to meet lesbians in New York

    Don’t know where to begin when searching for your sapphic soulmate? No problem! There are some hotspots out there that might be perfect for getting the romantic meet-cute you deserve.

    1. West Village: This is a historic haven for LGBTQIA+ culture, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by charm and warmth. The neighborhood is home to iconic lesbian bars like Henrietta Hudson, where you can enjoy exciting conversations and dance the night away. Cubbyhole, a cozy neighborhood gem, offers a welcoming space for intimate connections and casual conversations.

    Source: New York Times

    1. Brooklyn: Cross the East River into Brooklyn, a borough that has become a magnet for artists and creatives. Explore venues like Ginger’s Bar, an iconic gay spot known for its friendly atmosphere and inclusive vibes. Another popular bar, Metropolitan attracts a diverse crowd of queer women looking for genuine connections and a fun night out!

    Source: Time Out

    1. Pride and Beyond: New York City hosts one of the world’s largest Pride celebrations, and during Pride Month, the city erupts with love, unity, and rainbow-colored joy. The Pride Parade provides an incredible opportunity to mingle, celebrate, and potentially meet someone special. However, the gay community in NYC doesn’t limit its celebrations to Pride Month; there are parties and gatherings throughout the year that foster connections and create lasting memories. Look up your local LGBTQIA+ center; they’ll hook you up with the best events.

    Source: NBC News

    Of course, gay bars and pride parades are not your only options. You should attend places that you love. You might find someone with much more in common than just liking girls there. So go look mysterious at your favorite coffee shop, or stop by Central Park and do some casual people-watching (you might even be picked for one of those TikTok dating shows). Lesbians are always out there — you just have to pay more attention!

    Tips to make the most of your lesbian dating experience

    We know pretty women might make you nervous, but many of them are looking for love like you! It might sound cliché, but you just have to put yourself out there and brace yourself for the most perfect 3-day dates. Don’t worry, though. We have some tips that will make the process easier and even more enjoyable! 

    Source: Lonely Planet

    1. Embrace the City’s Pace: Dating in NYC can be exhilarating, but navigating the fast-paced lifestyle and taking time for self-care is super important, my friend. You may blend in the city’s energy, but remember to prioritize your well-being and set boundaries that work for you.
    1. Explore Your Passions: NYC is bursting with cultural events, art exhibitions, and fun communities that cater to many interests. Pursue your hobbies, join clubs, and engage in activities that align with your passions. This way, you’ll meet people who share your interests and create genuine connections based on shared values and experiences.
    1. Connect Online: While in-person connections are invaluable, online dating apps can broaden your horizons and help you connect with potential partners. Platforms like HER, a highly-popular dating app for LGBTQIA+ individuals, offer a supportive space exclusively for lesbians in NYC. Take advantage of the app’s features, such as organized events and local recommendations, to enhance your dating experience.
    1. Be Yourself: Authenticity is the key to finding a lasting connection. NYC embraces individuality, so be proud of yourself and show off your unique qualities. When you bring your authentic self to a date, you’re more likely to attract someone who appreciates and cherishes you for who you are.
    1. Enjoy the Journey: Dating can be a rollercoaster ride, but remember to enjoy the process. Take time to savor the romantic moments, learn your lessons, and trust that the right person will come along when the time is right. In the meantime, you’ll create memories that shape your journey toward finding love in NYC.

    Why HER is the best wing-woman app for dating in NYC

    Not to toot our own horn, but HER has become a go-to platform for lesbian dating in NYC and the world! We have a welcoming community of LGBTQIA+ members, a diverse user base, and intuitive features, creating a space where lesbian, bisexual, and queer women can connect, find love, or make lifetime buddies. 

    You can personalize your profile, explore local events, and engage in private messaging with potential matches. By joining HER, you’ll become part of a fantastic clique that understands who you are and what you want.

    So don’t wait up! Make the most of your New Yorker dating experience and meet the lesbian(s) that will win over your heart.

    Robyn Exton

    Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER. Find her on Twitter.

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