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10 Moments Fifth Harmony's Lauren & Camila Proved They'd Be the Cutest Couple

Jun 30, 2016

Fifth Harmony is the gift that keeps on giving.  These girls can belt your face off, drop it like it’s hot, and go home to bask in their own, flawless glory.  Not only are they “Worth It” to listen to, but the amount of times Lauren and Camila live up to their couple nickname “Camren” makes these 10 moments very worth it!
10.  Rose and Rosie love them!

But really, Rose’s obsession with Camila Cabello is perfect.
9.  Matching outfits are key
cj snapbacks
(image from:
Snapbacks. Classic.
8.  Somebody has to rock plaid
cj plaidcj plaid 2
(images from: tumblr and wikia)
Plus the beanie makes this prime couple style.
7.  They bring each other flowers
cj flowers
(image from: tumblr)
What better way to express your love?
6.  Selfie Game Strong
cj lipstick
(image from:
Rose and Rosie would be proud, as they are the prime selfie queens.
5.  Look at how she looks at her!!
cj looks
(image from: tumblr)
When’s the wedding??
4.  When the memes speak for themselves
cj meme cj meme 2
These conversations totally happened 😉
3.  They even express their love on social media
cj twitter
(image from:
So…when will it be Facebook official?
2.  Couples who work together, stay together!
cj sing
(image from: twist magazine)
1.  *Sigh* We ship Camren
cj ship
(image from:
Dear Camila and Lauren,
We ❤️ Camren
– Love everyone in the HER community

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