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Women In Tech: 11 Meetups And Events You Should Know About

Sep 25, 2014

In honour of the GeekGirlMeetup Conference: Ubiquitous Technology that’s happening this weekend, we thought we’d share a few more great opportunities for women to connect with the tech community.
Not always, but often, it can be hard to be a woman in tech because it is such a male-dominated field and we don’t always get represented at big events.  So if you’re into technology and innovation and want to be more involved in the community, here are some great meetups, conferences, online groups and other fun events you can check out.
Shoutout to Anjali Ramachandran for help putting this guide together!

1.  Ada’s List

An online group where women can share and discuss technology, scientific and basically anything to do with the Internet and share job openings with each other as well as posting on issues affecting women in the industry.  And yeah, it is named after the world’s first computer programmer, Ada Lovelace.
Visit Ada’s List

2.  Girls In Tech

This is a global network founded in 2007 by Adriana Gascoigne and aims at engaging, empowering and educating women all over the world.  Through Girls In Tech (GIT), women of all ages and backgrounds can find a program that’s appropriate for them, from mentoring, one day events to 7-day intensive conferences.
Visit Girls In Tech

3.  Ladies Who Code (London)

This meetup group is aimed specifically at women who code although there are some attendees who don’t code but come for the discussion topics and the cool people they meet.
Visit Ladies Who Code

4.  W Kollective

A little more focused on the startup scene, the W Kollective aim to inspire and educate through workshops and meetups surrounding digital and technological discussion topics.
Visit W Kollective

5.  Stemettes

For women of all ages, including under 16s, Stemettes focuses on getting women interested, engaged and educated in the STEM fields.  They host hackathons, seminars and online events so everyone can join in.  Would be a great places to get the younger generation started.
Visit Stemettes

6.  Women Who Code

A global network of meetups to connect and educate women on coding, development and design.  This is the London meetup but the official website shows branches all over the world.
Visit Women Who Code

7.  Codebar

For anyone who feels intimidated by coding or is just new to it, Codebar can help you out.  It’s also aimed at those underrepresented in tech (women and LGBTQ folks) so at every event you’ll be working alongside people in the same position as you.
Visit Codebar

8.  Rails Girls

Originating in Finland, Rails Girls quickly grew and is now hosted all over the world.  They want to make tech more approachable and will help familiarise you with prototyping, sketching and basic programming.
Visit Rails Girls

9.  Lesbians Who Tech

For all queer women in tech, these meetups happen in London, Berlin, Toronto and all over the US and earlier this year they hosted their first ever summit in San Francisco attracting thousands of attendees.  Definitely great for connecting with the queer tech community.
Visit Lesbians Who Tech

10.  DLD (Digital Life Design) Conference

With global events and a more even mix of business and tech, DLD is a great starting point for young entrepreneurs looking to get an all-round look at coding, data, business, social media and more.
Visit DLD

11. Women Powering Technology

For Canadian techies, Women Powering Technology allows networking, mentoring, access to resources and socialising events.
Visit Women Powering Technology

Know of a great event or meetup?  Share it below! 

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