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Musicians That Every Lesbian or Queer Girl is Pining Over

Nov 19, 2014

Musicians That Every Lesbian or Queer Girl is Pining Over

Her (formerly: Dattch) was at the Fox Theatre in Oakland on Friday for a little Tegan & Sara. The crush-worthy pair inspired a post about 10 of our favorite music-making ladies and why we love them…

#10. Heather Peace. Who doesn’t love a pensive woman in a leather jacket? Especially when she backs it up with smooth jazz vocals and a guitar. Her wife’s had her off the market for quite some time so we’re happy for Heather. No harm in a dream, or two.

#9. Skin. Openly bisexual artist, Deborah Anne Dyer (stage name Skin) has been on the scene since 1994 as lead vocalist for English band Skunk Anansie. Her pipes are outrageous. Just check out the collaboration she did with Sevendust on a song called “Licking Cream”. Come on.

#8. Katy Perry. We all know she kissed a girl and liked it, but we want her to like it, again… Even in this old tiger jacket with her hair a mess, Katy Perry is still the most. Period.

#7. Missy Higgins. Missy released “Where I Stood” in 2007 and as a result there have been more lesbian tears shed in the past 7 years than ever before (am I kidding?). The Australian singer-songwriter has a knack for crushing a gender-neutral lyric or two, and her own sexual fluidity makes them all the more visceral. Tell me her jams haven’t made their way to your breakup playlist and I’ll know you’re lying.

#6. KT Tunstall. First off, look at those suspenders. Just look at them. Scottish singer-songwriter KT Tunstall exudes cool and her sound has given us heart-wrenching ballads and uptempo pop hits to round out our personal playlists for the past decade. Bonus – she’s amazing live and looks even better in person.

#5. Janelle Monáe. When it comes to Janelle Monáe, I can’t. I cannot put into words how psychedelically soulful and adorable she is (at the same time)! There are few people in this world who can rock a suit and a pair of wingtip shoes like she can. Crushworthy? I think yes.

#4. P!nk. I guarantee you’ve had at least one girlfriend with a poster of P!nk tacked to her bedroom wall. Alecia Beth Moore is an artist whose rock vocals have made their way onto every mix tape you’ve ever made… and whose rock hard abs have been burned into your memory forever.

#3. Beyoncé. As lesbian-favorite Kate McKinnon once said “Everbody’s a Beyoncé fan, Seth“. Forget about the looks and the dance moves for a minute (if you can); Beyoncé’s voice alone is enough to earn her a spot on every crushworthy list in human history.

#2. Brandi Carlile. I bet you’ve had a dream that goes a little something like this: Brandi Carlile (and her guitar) shows up in your living room wearing her signature vest singing The Story, and… Brandi’s alternative country vocals have kept us swooning for over ten years and four albums. We’re so glad she came out in 2002. We’re so glad she married the woman she loves. We’re so jealous.

#1. Tegan and Sara. What’s not to love about openly gay identical twins from Canada? Tegan and Sara make up both halves of an indie rock/pop duo that’s been bringing us great music since their first album release in 1999. True fans have every lesbian lyric memorized while the rest of us sit back to admire their never-aging, andro-cuteness and wonder if they’re single.

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