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Kehlani, Fletcher & more: why casting will make this the best season of The L Word: Generation Q

Robyn Exton

Nov 14, 2022

Kehlani, Fletcher & more: why casting will make this the best season of The L Word: Generation Q
  • We’re not ashamed to say it – we live for the gayos; the kind of gayos that only The L Word: Generation Q writers can deliver! But among the nail-biting drama surrounding our beloved main characters, we can’t help but obsess over all the guest stars who are about to make an appearance on the show.

    Who could forget the original series, which gave us Tegan & Sara, Alan Cumming, Sandra Bernhard, and even Snoop Dogg?! Carrying on the tradition of keeping us on our toes, season 3 of The L Word: Generation Q will feature Kehlani, Fletcher, Margaret Cho, as well as some familiar faces from previous seasons.

    Don’t miss the premiere of season 3, available for your streaming pleasure on 11/18, on Showtime! For more on what you can expect, continue reading below.

    Rosie O’Donnell stars in her first ever sex scene

    Rosie returns as Carrie and will allegedly be having her first sex scene on the show, in an episode directed by Kate Moennig (Shane), oh my! Any guesses on who her scene partner will be? It’s The L Word: Generation Q, so we can’t rule out anyone, not even Bette.

    Kehlani and Margaret Cho join Alice’s crew

    Imagine a job where your work besties are none other than Kehlani, Margaret Cho, and Leisha Hailey. Kehlani will play Ivy, a make-up artist and single mom who’s ready to rejoin the dating pool. Whoever Ivy gets coupled with, we’re fully ready to ship them!

    Margaret Cho will be a guest host on the Alice show, playing herself. It is a mystery whether Cho’s love life will be a topic we see unfold on screen, but we know for sure she’ll bring her comedy chops to the role.

    Fletcher promises us drama

    While we don’t know much about her character, her appearance in the trailer says it all: “It’s the kind of sapphic chaos I live for”. Hopefully, the writers have taken inspiration from Fletcher’s own tumultuous dating history.

    Chrishell Stause & G-Flip make a cameo

    Like most people, we just can’t get enough of these two. How exciting that they’re guest starring this season! Chances are they’ll be playing a couple, but we can only speculate as to where they’ll fit into the plot.

    The upcoming season of The L Word: Generation Q is as star-studded as it could be. We would be shocked if you’re not a die-hard fan of at least one of the above. But aside from that, the inclusion of new characters is guaranteed to bring about the excitement and drama we expect from this show: more sex scenes, more love, more heartbreak!

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    Robyn Exton

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