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6 Predictions for The L Word: Generation Q Season 3

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Nov 15, 2022

6 Predictions for The L Word: Generation Q Season 3
  • Three years ago, The L Word: Generation Q premiered introducing a new generation of chaotic queers we could love, scream at, and thirst over. The watch parties, the shipping, the drama — it all came back. And now new episodes are back again on November 18th only on Showtime.

    When we last saw our cast of diverse queers, Dani was getting arrested, Finley was heading to rehab, Micah and Maribel were in love, and Bette was getting a very surprising knock on her door. As we anxiously await the season premiere, here are six predictions of what we might see next. No matter what we’re sure there will be talking, laughing, loving, breathing— well, you know the rest.

    1. Shane and Finley will finally grow up

    During last season’s ill-fated intervention, Finley called out Shane for matching her level of chaos. But this season I think both of our troubled heartthrobs are finally going to mature. With Finley coming out of rehab, much of the season will likely follow her sobriety and her quest to patch up the errors of her past. Meanwhile, Shane, against all odds, may be settling down with Tess! Will it be another Carmen situation? (Or Paige or Molly or Quiara or…) Or has Shane finally met her match? 

    Jacqueline Toboni as Finley in THE L WORD: GENERATION Q, “Last Year”. Photo Credit: Nicole Wilder/SHOWTIME.

    2. Gen Q meets Gen Z as Angie goes to college

    Speaking of growing up, baby Angie is going off to college! One of the greatest joys of Gen Q is that its storylines span generations. From the original cast to our new 20 and 30 somethings to Angie and Jordie’s high school love, queerness manifests differently across these different stages of life. With Angie going off to college, I hope the show gets to explore this even more. Gen Q is about to get a lot more Gen Z.

    (L-R): Sophie Giannamore as Jordi and Jordan Hull as Angie in THE L WORD: GENERATION Q, “Last Year”. Photo Credit: Nicole Wilder/SHOWTIME.

    3. Alice will not marry Tom

    Much of this reboot has been concerned with fixing the sins of The L Word’s past. Never was this more successful than Alice’s relationship with Tom. While the original series made a joke of Alice’s bisexuality, last season gave Alice a boyfriend who was easy to love. It also allowed for a storyline we rarely see on TV: a queer woman having to come out as bi because she’s dating a man. But while I’m an Alice/Tom shipper, last season’s engagement ring cliffhanger seems ill-fated. Donald Faison isn’t back as the main cast member, so whether they’re breaking up or just taking a break, it seems Alice will have new adventures ahead.

    4. Gigi will continue stealing Dani’s heart and ours

    One of the great delights of the reboot has been the introduction of Gigi. Initially just Alice’s new girlfriend’s ex and a brief member of their throuple, Gigi quickly became a fan favorite. With her seductive charm and infectious humor,  it’s no wonder Dani and the rest of us fell for Gigi. Whether or not the couple affectionately known as Gini will go the distance, I’m sure Gigi’s exploits will continue to delight. Personally, I’m hoping she gives another throuple a try.

    5. Tibette will be endgame

    From ships of new to ships of old. With that knock at the door, it seems like Bette and Tina might be giving things another go. They certainly have their devotees and while the writers don’t always give the fans what they want, this time, I think they will. But things have never been simple for Tibette and even if their romance is rekindled, the drama will likely continue. Will they immediately get back together, or will it take all season? How will their relationship be different after all this time apart? Will Angie be excited that her moms are back together? And what about Carrie? 

    6. Carrie will get a hot new girlfriend 

    Yes, what about Carrie?? I’ll tell you! If Bette and Tina do end up back together, I don’t think the show will dismiss Carrie like so many exes past. After all, she’s played by the one and only icon Rosie O’Donnell. If Tina decides she wants to abandon Carrie’s simplicity to return to the life of Bette, then Carrie will find someone who appreciates her. After six original seasons and two continued seasons, it’s so exciting to have a silver fox butch on the show. I wouldn’t mind seeing Carrie out in the wild world of the lesbian dating scene! Give Rosie some steamy sex scenes!

    With an ever-growing cast of queers, these are just some of the excitements we can expect in the new season. There will also be some incredible guest stars like Margaret Cho, Fletcher, and Kehlani. You won’t want to miss this, so gather your friends, your exes, and that cutie you met on HER and stream the season premiere of The L Word: Generation Q this Friday only on Showtime

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